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Lanterns *are* transparent...[edit]

More specifically, they’re definitely transparent in the Legacy Console Edition.

In my village iron farm, the doors are considered houses because of a glass block that allows sunlight into the greater building. I decided to hang a lantern from each glass block (a total of 64) to test if daylight gets through.

If the lanterns were not transparent, my farm would have stopped dead, because a village house has to have an “inside” and “outside”. I am currently watching a golem get suffocated real life days after the change.

I didn’t want to edit the page because 1. I don’t know the rules, 2. Java Edition is, of course, the standard edition that I believe the wiki should be written for, and 3. I’d rather explain myself just in case someone else is wondering the same thing. Endy0822 (talk) 04:52, 26 April 2019 (UTC)