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I will not respond to messages that are posted here. Send them to me on twitter instead: @jeb_
Jeb 09:28, 9 November 2011 (UTC)

If someone wants to send Jeb suggestions, but doesn't want to do it through twitter, how do they do it? 19:01, 26 May 2012 (UTC)

3 fixes that need to be done[edit]

1 "Minecraft - Pocket Edition" should be "Minecraft: Pocket Edition".
2 "official [ issue tracker]" should be "[ official issue tracker]"
3 "In 2013, he was included in the annual TIME 100 list along with Notch" should be "In 2013, he was included in the news magazine [[Wikipedia:Time (magazine)|Time]]'s list of the 100 most influential people of the world [[Wikipedia:Time 100|Time 100]] along with Notch" 19:18, 3 October 2017 (UTC)

Twitter link[edit]

Wrong twitter link in the profile: <a href="" class="extiw" title="twitter:jeb">@jeb_</a> should be <a href="" class="extiw" title="twitter:jeb_">@jeb_</a>

  • Either the template:person or the link [[twitter:jeb_]] strips the trailing underscore - I don't know how to fix that. Someone else ? --Kumasasa 17:23, 11 June 2012 (UTC)
Fixed. The problem lies with the twitter: link, but is currently unfixable in the link's configuration, so to link to Jeb's Twitter (and other Twitter accounts that have a trailing underscore), we have to affix a slash at the end: twitter:jeb_/. ディノ千?!? · ☎ Dinoguy1000 18:14, 11 June 2012 (UTC)
Ok. Thanks for fixing the unfixable... --Kumasasa 18:21, 11 June 2012 (UTC)

Jenny's photo[edit]

Jenny(jebs wife)just uploaded her photo onto twitter,as seen here:[[1]] We should edit the photo about Jenny with this,as it is a more clear photo then the one we have. –Preceding unsigned comment was added by (talk) at 13:28, 6 November 2014‎ (UTC). Please sign your posts with ~~~~

Looks reasonable (after cropping), but I'm not entirely sure does it belong there. And, please sign your posts with ~~~~.
–Preceding unsigned comment was added by Naista2002 (talkcontribs) at 13:38, 6 November 2014‎ (UTC). Please sign your posts with ~~~~