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I think that 20100129 have two vairants (1) and (2), because beast boy (and the other Steves) were added in 29 january, but rana were in the same day with the newly added diamonds, and in the game files the crafting GUI texture was added in 28 January 21:55h. Also, the "items.png" files was modified in 29 January. The .jar of this version in this page, the game code was modified by Notch at 29 January 15:52h This means:

  28 January- Crafting was added (Or only the texture file). (shown in game files)
  28 January- Diamond block was added (Or only on the texture file). (shown in game files)
  29 January or late 28- Added Diamond Tools except Hoes. Rana was still in the game. (Shown in
  29 January From 11h to 13h- Black Steve, Steve and Beast Boy added, removed Rana. (Shown in the .jar file)
  29 January at 15h- Added more items. (shown in game files)

User-100181356 (talk) 18:52, 16 June 2019 (UTC)User-100181356

So the .json file won't download...[edit]

The .json file won't download with a VPN. (Android 5.1, won't load archive on anything without a VPN active.) Maybe put it up on Dropbox or something? -- 10:39, 15 August 2019 (UTC)