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Talk:Java Edition 1.6.2

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You forgot MC-27997. Probably the result of 1.6.2 getting hacked. Hotfixed. 18:25, 11 April 2015 (UTC)

Thanks, good eye. We don't have an exactly perfect process yet for keeping the Fixed sections synchronized with the bug tracker, so corrections are definitely welcome. Also next time, don't feel bad about adding it yourself, it is a wiki after all! – Sealbudsman (Aaron) SealbudsmanFace.png t/c 18:47, 11 April 2015 (UTC)
Although, that was a bug with translations, which is controlled independent of normal updates. It was not actually fixed in 1.6.2, it was fixed independently at the same time (I don't know why it was marked as fixed in 1.6.2). KnightMiner t/c 18:51, 11 April 2015 (UTC)
This is true. My opinion, a proper bugfix sync procedure would allow latitude to skip these translation bugs, despite how it's marked on the bug site. But that gets into a separate discussion. If anyone removed 27997 again, i wouldn't argue. – Sealbudsman (Aaron) SealbudsmanFace.png t/c 19:42, 11 April 2015 (UTC)

does anyone notice there is a talk for a bugfix but not for 1.6.1?? Hrbmn743 (talk) 00:29, 30 July 2018 (UTC)

Pre-release Pre-reuploads[edit]

The pre-release of 1.6.2 being reuploaded has not been confirmed yet. IIRC only the servers have been confirmed. If someone could send me a Twitter link from one of the devs from when 1.6.2-pre was originally posted, I could confirm or deny this.Orphanedpixel (talk) 18:04, 2 June 2019 (UTC)