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Terracotta designs?[edit]

Should we add the Terracotta's 2x2 special designs to the gallery? - 22:42, 8 February 2017 (UTC)

Maybe we could do something with the templates instead of screenshots. E.g:
IMHO we can better see the pattern here than just some screenshots with random FOVs. — Thomas645 (talk) 21:22, 11 February 2017 (UTC)
Well first we'll need the textures of the terracotta to actually work.
Then we'll need rotated variants of each. I support though. - MinecraftPhotos4U (talk) 21:52, 11 February 2017 (UTC)
The textures of the terracotta now work. I've also edited {{BlockSprite}} to support rotations. See e.g.:
Do you think the use of such template is relevant? — Thomas645 (talk) 15:26, 21 February 2017 (UTC)
 Support this over gallery screenshots. One consequence of having these parameters is that we could now deprecate:
  • pillar-quartz-horiz
  • piston-side-down
  • piston-side-left
  • piston-side-right
  • rail-horizontal
  • rail-nw
  • rail-se
  • rail-sw
  • string-up
  • end-portal-frame-sideways
  • end-portal-frame-sideways-active
  • acacia-wood-horiz
  • birch-wood-horiz
  • dark-oak-wood-horiz
  • jungle-wood-horiz
  • oak-wood-horiz
  • spruce-wood-horiz
  • purpur-pillar-horiz
And, MCW:Projects/Structure_Blueprints is an example of another place where having general-purpose sprite rotation would be quite useful. – Sealbudsman talk/contr 16:22, 21 February 2017 (UTC)
While I don't think the implementation is quite right, I agree that rotation is useful to have for blueprints in general. However, I don't see any reason to use the all those sprites just for this single page. Screenshots (which could still be put into the layered blueprint format with an altered template) would be much more efficient. Viewing the gallery section with the last layer selected brings my browser to a crawl, due to all the below layers being drawn under it. I could probably improve the performance by using JS to hide layers that aren't visible, but screenshots are a lot easier. MajrTalk
08:24, 26 February 2017 (UTC)

Slime blocks[edit]

I have heard that glazed terracotta cannot be moved by slime blocks. Is this correct? The BlobsPaper JE2 BE2.png 02:33, 21 April 2017 (UTC)

Try the following in-game if you want to verify:
This glazed terracotta block cannot be pulled by the sticky piston:
This glazed terracotta block cannot be pulled along by the slime block:

neither can this:

However, this glazed terracotta block can be pulled:
Sealbudsman talk/contr 03:15, 21 April 2017 (UTC)
Since I play Pocket Edition, I cannot test this, so someone else will have to do so. The BlobsPaper JE2 BE2.png 22:31, 21 April 2017 (UTC)
For me, the glazed terracotta block is not pulled in any of these configurations, in version 1.15.1 java edition.-- 23:56, 12 January 2020 (UTC)


Although it's up to interpretation, is it worth noting that the lime pattern looks like a lime, as the name suggests? 19:48, 23 June 2017 (UTC)

It's probably a bit too subjective. If it's confirmed by a dev it could be added to Trivia. --Pepijn (talk) 20:55, 23 June 2017 (UTC)

Texture Mapping Specifications[edit]

Given the confusing, bizarre nature of glazed terracotta, would it help to better explain how the block type's textures are mapped onto the cube?

The following excerpt comes from the template .JSON file that defines the block model. "South" refers to the front face of the terracotta block (the cardinal side that faces the player when placed).

           "faces": {
               "down":  { "uv": [ 0,  0, 16, 16 ], "texture": "#pattern", "cullface": "down" },
               "up":    { "uv": [ 0,  0, 16, 16 ], "texture": "#pattern", "cullface": "up" },
               "north": { "uv": [ 0,  0, 16, 16 ], "texture": "#pattern", "cullface": "north", "rotation": 90 },
               "south": { "uv": [ 0,  0, 16, 16 ], "texture": "#pattern", "cullface": "south", "rotation": 270 },
               "west":  { "uv": [ 0,  0, 16, 16 ], "texture": "#pattern", "cullface": "west", "rotation": 0 },
               "east":  { "uv": [ 0,  0, 16, 16 ], "texture": "#pattern", "cullface": "east", "rotation": 180 }

ForeverMaster1 (talk) 04:02, 12 September 2019 (UTC)

I read this and render Glazed terracotta using model.json, it looks different.Glazed terracotta render test reference from model json.pngPneuma01 (talk) 04:41, 12 September 2019 (UTC)

  • nods* -- This is exactly what the block looks like in-game. The side textures have different rotations, regardless of which direction the terracotta block is 'facing'. In this isometric rendering, the left face is the front of the block. ForeverMaster1 (talk) 13:23, 12 September 2019 (UTC)