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Anyone know when the "can't attack until you break eye contact" mechanic was removed?[edit]

Anyone know when the "can't attack until you break eye contact" mechanic was removed? If so please add it to the "history" section. WildBluntHickok (talk) 02:25, 1 June 2015 (UTC)

Enderman teleportation conditions[edit]

I have never, ever, seen an enderman teleport when not in daylight or taking damage. Is it true that they only teleport when taking damage or in daylight? If so, this should be added to the article. AwesomeMan31415926 (profile|contribs) 10:16, 10 June 2015 (UTC)

No, that's not true. They'll also teleport away from or closer to a targeted entity. Anomie x (talk) 11:24, 10 June 2015 (UTC)
It's still now before the 1.9 Combat Update. But, as of that, they - might, much of its GameMechanic s changes might themselves change further, with the Update and then time thereafter - no longer Teleport out of Water (which damages them to be in), when targeting the Player.
To me, this suggests a more formal way to combat them, than simply Placing (emptying) a Bucket of Water, at one's (nonexistent) feet, and getting them to with time de target, after first Teleporting away, enough. First, Place some Solid Block, one can stand on (and more specifically, Sneak walk to remain on the edge of), and then do that.
They'd still be damaged - might get Pushed away if the Water is Flowing enough (this also works to instead Burn them completely if Placing the Lava more specifically next to the Block, if with a Bucket of Lava) - meanwhile, it helps clear the area. Including of other Hostiles. Yilante 21:48, 28 August 2015 (UTC)
So, does this mean that an enderman would not teleport if put in a cage underground and left unprovoked? 01:08, 16 May 2017 (UTC)

Eyes information[edit]

Does anyone know which update changed the Enderman eyes texture from looking like this:


to looking like this?:

The eyes are a lot lighter in color now. Enderizz (talk) 18:53, 6 May 2017 (UTC)

Eyes doesn't changed - their brightness depends on light level. Oakar567 (talk) 20:34, 6 May 2017 (UTC)


In Bedrock Edition, when I kill an enderman, I sometimes hear a spooky long drawn-out howl after the enderman has disappeared, slowly rising in volume and then fading away. It's about as long as the "stare" sound in the article (which I've never heard in-game) but not quite the same. This isn't described in the article. Anyone knows what this is and why it occurs only sometimes? ~ Amatulic (talk) 20:58, 24 May 2019 (UTC)

Spawn conditions[edit]

Right now the page just says that the light level has to be below 8, but don’t they also require three full vertical blocks of air to spawn? Any other conditions? Would it be completely amiss to mention this as well? —Freso (talk) 15:30, 25 August 2019 (UTC)

@Freso: - Good catch. I've made an edit accordingly. ~ Amatulic (talk) 17:05, 9 September 2019 (UTC)