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Fuel Section Cleanup[edit]

Using a table in the fuel section is what should be cleaned up as I understand it. Looking at a couple other articles on items that also have different fuel values between Java/Bedrock, a table is not useful and clutters the page: see boat and slab. Albee12 (talk) 17:25, 9 October 2017 (UTC)

Major info missing: Velocity and Damage range.[edit]

There should be info about velocity affecting the bow damage (as it is already in another wiki section about Arrow), adding with drag or lose of velocity the longer the arrow travel. Someone also dug the code and says that the damage inflicted by critical hits could be way more than 1-2, with unenchanted could go around 10-16 damage instead of just 10. This also includes the one in the Power enchantment section, which gives wrong impression that it is consistent damage inflicted (so, stating damage range might be way better).

All in all, there're a lot of info not yet to be updated to reflect the actual damage range, which is NOT consistently between 9 or 10.

In short, things that should be checked and updated:

  • Affected by velocity (shooting down = more damage).
  • Affected by drag (longer horizontal distance = less damage).
  • Damage range, enchanted & unenchanted.

Credit to TheMasterCaver that dug the code and informing about this (couldn't find anywhere else except maybe some YouTube vids):

Some more testing by video:

Again, it's also an old forum, hence why further checking is required.

-- 19:55, 4 September 2019 (UTC)