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Clarification on some claims about structure generation[edit]

At several points in the article, it is stated that certain structures don't generate certain biomes due to their terrain—most often, a structure (such as a pillager outpost) can generate one biome (such as a savannah), but not in a more jagged variant (such as shattered savannah); the article will then state, for example, "\[t\]he unforgiving terrain means villages and outposts do not generate in this biome."

I'm a little unclear about what the *exact* parameters are; does the game's code simply not generate those structures (that is to say, when generating the biome, it doesn't even consider the structure)? Or is it that, while the structure is permitted to generate in that biome, the terrain generally won't meet the conditions for it to generate? In the former case, it's not really "due to the jagged terrain," it's just the way the game is programmed; in the latter case, they probably DO generate in extremely rare cases where the Random Number God decides to make the terrain hospitable. Hppavilion (talk) 21:23, 16 May 2020 (UTC)


Basalt Deltas exist IRL, right?[edit]

Most biomes in the Overworld are based on real world counterparts. Mushroom Fields, Roofed Forest/Dark Forest, and Swamp biomes (and their variants) parallel real world biomes except for the addition of giant mushrooms, which don't exist in reality. Biomes in the Nether and The End obviously don't exist either.

Should this say "with the exception of Basalt Deltas"? Flarn2006 (talk) 23:08, 4 July 2020 (UTC)