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Sweet Berry Bush
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A sweet berry bush is a plant which is used to obtain sweet berries.


Natural generation[edit]

Berry bushes will commonly generate in all taiga variants (Taiga, Taiga Hills, and Taiga Mountains) and are rarely found in all snowy taiga variants (Snowy Taiga, Snowy Taiga Hills and Snowy Taiga Mountains).


Placing sweet berries on a grass block, dirt, podzol, coarse dirt or farmland will create a sweet berry sapling which after some time will become a fully grown sweet berry bush.

Sweet berries must be directly planted on the top of a valid block; unlike most blocks, targeting the side of a block which would result in it being placed in top of a valid block will not allow it to be placed.[1]



A sweet berry bush will grow through four stages after it is planted. Its first growth stage is a small sapling without any berries. It becomes a grown plant in its second stage, and will grow berries in its third and fourth growth stage.[more information needed] Using bone meal on it will increase its growth stage by 1.


Sweet berry bushes can be used to collect sweet berries. A single bush will drop 1-2 berries at its third stage of growth and 2-3 when fully grown. Harvesting is done by using the bush, and will set it back to its second stage. Breaking it with a tool enchanted with Fortune will increase its drop maximum by 1 per level.


Sweet berry bushes can deal 1 (Half Heart.svg) damage every 0.5 seconds to the player or other mobs (except foxes) that move or jump inside them, similar to a cactus, as long as the bush has grown past their first growth stage.


Mobs that move through sweet berry bushes will slow down, similar to a cobweb.[more information needed] This makes it impossible to jump a full block while inside the bush.

Also like Cobwebs, fall damage is negated by falling into these. However, there is a tick of vertical damage for movement through the Sweet Berry Bush.

Mob interaction[edit]

Foxes will run up to and eat any sweet berry bush with an ageof 2or 3 within a 16 block radius, setting the age back to 1.

Data values[edit]

Block states[edit]

Name Value Description
age 0 Sapling
1 No berries
2 Some berries, using the bush will give 1-2 sweet berries and set the age back to 1.
3 Full berries, using the bush will give 2-3 sweet berries and set the age back to 1.


September 26, 2018Berry bushes are announced to be part of the biome vote at MINECON Earth 2018.
September 29, 2018Berry bushes are showcased at MINECON Earth 2018.
September 29, 2018Taiga wins the biome vote, meaning berry bushes will be added to the game first.
December 3, 2018Cojomax tweets an image of some berry bushes.
Upcoming Java Edition
1.14 18w49a Added sweet berry bushes.
19w03a Added sounds for Sweet Berry Bushes.
19w05a Added placement sounds for Sweet Berry Bushes.
Upcoming Bedrock Edition
1.10 beta Added sweet berry bushes, which are only available through Experimental Gameplay.


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