Survival Test

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Survival Test
Survival Test.png
Official name


First version

Classic 0.24_SURVIVAL_TEST

Latest version

Classic 0.30 (Survival)

Release date

September 1 – November 10, 2009

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A zombie wearing a helmet in the Survival Test.

Survival Test was a test for the survival game mode of Minecraft initially released to premium members[1] during the Classic phase of development, and was accessible at

On October 24, 2009,[citation needed] Survival Test was opened up to be played regardless of premium membership.

Survival Test was removed from the website on December 16, 2010, when the site received a major overhaul, during the Alpha phase. Survival Test is not available in the launcher, though it can be played if the user is able to provide the .jar file.

Differences from Classic Creative[edit]

  • A total of eight mobs: zombies, skeletons, creepers, pigs, spiders, sheep, humans and giants, even though giants were actually implemented later in Indev 0.31 (February 5, 2010).
  • The player has a health bar, which has 10 hearts (Heart.svg × 10). When the player has Heart.svgHeart.svgEmpty Heart.svgEmpty Heart.svgEmpty Heart.svgEmpty Heart.svgEmpty Heart.svgEmpty Heart.svgEmpty Heart.svgEmpty Heart.svg or lower on the health bar, the health bar begins to shake.
  • Players and mobs can take damage from various sources: falling, drowning, lava, hostile mobs, and the player's arrows.
  • The addition of brown mushrooms, which can be eaten by right-clicking while holding it, healing 2.5 hearts. They are dropped by pigs and sheep.
  • Sheep eat grass to regrow wool, which can be "sheared" if the player hits them.
  • Creepers in this version had a melee attack where they jumped into the Player and would only explode upon death.
  • The player can fire arrows by pressing "tab".
  • When the player dies, the world is no longer playable, like in Hardcore mode before spectator mode was introduced.
  • After 0.26 SURVIVAL TEST, the player starts with 10 TNT in their ninth hotbar slot, which can be placed with right-click and detonated with left-click. Exploding TNT deals a maximum of six hearts of damage (depending on how close the player is to it), and has a blast radius of about four blocks.
  • Players can see their hand in game. Its position is different for all versions after 0.31.
  • Skeleton's arrows were purple, and when killed will blow up in an explosion of five arrows that the player can pick up. They also shot arrows from their bare hands as bows did not exist in the Survival Test. Skeletons shot their arrows at a much faster rate than in current versions, making them one of, if not the most dangerous mob in the Survival Test.
  • The player could switch rain on or off by hitting F5.
  • The player could also generate or remove fog by hitting F.


Some aspects of the point system are listed below:

Points would not be awarded for indirect kills (e.g. a creeper's explosion killing a zombie didn't award points for killing the zombie).


A handful of blocks are obtained in different ways than in the modern game:

All other blocks found naturally in the world could be picked up normally, with the exception of ores and logs, which drop their resources, stone which drops cobblestone as normal, leaves which also drop saplings as normal, grass blocks which drop dirt (which can handle grass again) and liquids and bedrock which are unbreakable.


  • In Survival Test, zombies and skeletons had a chance of wearing decorative armor, but Notch removed it in Indev. This feature was re-added in a similar fashion in Java Edition 1.4.2.
  • In Survival Test, the fastest mob was the spider, being able to move as fast as the player.
  • In 0.24, creepers were made from the failed pig model.
  • In Survival Test, the player's hand is pointed backwards and is rotated slightly. This was changed in Indev and remains the same.
  • Stone materials wouldn't explode when you used TNT on them.
  • In this version, creepers had melee attacks and only exploded when killed, the only food source was mushrooms, and you could get them by killing sheep and pigs or finding them in caves. The red mushrooms were toxic and hurt the player for 3 (Heart.svgHalf Heart.svg). The point system was first implemented in this update. The player's fist also took 4 (Heart.svgHeart.svg) away from the mob the player punched.