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Structure files are stored as a gzipped NBT file. This file format is used to store structures such as End city, Igloo and Fossil into the assets/minecraft/structures folder, inside the minecraft.jar. Custom structure can also be saved and loaded using the Structure Block. These structures are saved into the structures folder of the minecraft map.

NBT Structure[edit]

All the specified positions are relative to the block located toward -X, -Y, -Z

  • : The root tag.

    •  version (removed in 1.11): Version of the structure (Currently 1)

    •  DataVersion: Version of the NBT structure.

    •  author: Name of the player who created this structure

    •  size: 3 TAG_Int describing the size of the structure

    •  palette: Set of different block state used in the structure.

      • : Block state

        •  Name: Id of the block

        •  Properties: List of block state properties, with [name] being the name of the block state property

          •  [name]: value of the property

    •  blocks: List of individual block in the structure.

      • Individual block

        •  state: Index of the block state in the palette

        •  pos: 3 TAG_Int describing the position of this block

        •  nbt: nbt of the associated block entity (optional, only present if the block has one). Does not contain x, y, or z fields. See Block entity format.

    •  entities: List of entities in the structure

      • : Entity

        •  pos: 3 TAG_Double describing the exact position of the entity

        •  blockPos: 3 TAG_Int describing the block position of the entity

        •  nbt: nbt of the entity (required). See entity format.

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