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Oak Wood TextureUpdate.pngSpruce Wood TextureUpdate.pngBirch Wood TextureUpdate.pngJungle Wood TextureUpdate.pngAcacia Wood TextureUpdate.pngDark Oak Wood TextureUpdate.png
Stripped Oak Wood.pngStripped Spruce Wood.pngStripped Birch Wood.pngStripped Jungle Wood.pngStripped Acacia Wood.pngStripped Dark Oak Wood.png




Blast resistance






Yes (64); same type only


Yes (5)

Catches fire from lava




Namespaced ID

See § Data values


Wood is a block that has the log's "bark" texture on all six sides. Wood comes in 6 types: oak, spruce, birch, jungle, acacia, and dark oak.

Stripped wood is a variant obtained when any axe is used on wood.

Natural generation[edit]

Stripped oak wood generates as lamp posts in plains villages.

Acacia wood and stripped acacia wood generate in savanna villages.

Stripped spruce wood generates in snowy tundra villages.

Stripped wood[edit]

Using an axe on wood turns it into stripped wood.


Wood can be broken by hand, but using an axe speeds up the process.

Block Wood
Stripped Wood
Hardness 2
Breaking time[note 1]
Hand 3
Wooden 1.5
Stone 0.75
Iron 0.5
Diamond 0.4
Golden 0.25
  1. Times are for unenchanted tools in seconds. For more information, see Haste § Instant mining.


Wood can be crafted out of four matching logs, yielding three wood as a result.

Name Ingredients Crafting recipe Description
Wood Matching Log
Stripped Wood Matching Stripped Log [Java and Bedrock editions only][upcoming: 1.15]


Wood can be used as a decorative block in place of normal logs.

Crafting ingredient[edit]

Name Ingredients Crafting recipe
Campfire Stick +
Coal or
Charcoal +
Any Wood or
Any Stripped Wood

Planks Matching Wood or
Matching Stripped Wood
Smoker Any Wood or
Any Stripped Wood +

Smelting ingredient[edit]

Name Ingredients Smelting recipe
Charcoal Any Wood or
Any Stripped Wood +
Any fuel

This recipe awards 0.15 experience.


Wood and stripped wood can be used as a fuel in furnaces, smelting 1.5 items per block.


Sound Subtitle Namespaced ID Subtitle ID Source Pitch Volume Attenuation distance
Block breaking block.wood.hit subtitles.block.generic.hit Blocks 0.5 0.25 16
Block broken block.wood.break subtitles.block.generic.break Blocks 0.8 1.0 16
Block placed block.wood.place subtitles.block.generic.place Blocks 0.8 1.0 16
Footsteps block.wood.step subtitles.block.generic.footsteps Blocks 1.0 0.15 16
No subtitle block.wood.fall (Plays when fallen on from a height) Blocks 0.75 0.5 16

Data values[edit]


Java Edition:

Name Namespaced ID
Oak Wood oak_wood
Spruce Wood spruce_wood
Birch Wood birch_wood
Jungle Wood jungle_wood
Acacia Wood acacia_wood
Dark Oak Wood dark_oak_wood
Stripped Oak Wood stripped_oak_wood
Stripped Spruce Wood stripped_spruce_wood
Stripped Birch Wood stripped_birch_wood
Stripped Jungle Wood stripped_jungle_wood
Stripped Acacia Wood stripped_acacia_wood
Stripped Dark Oak Wood stripped_dark_oak_wood

Bedrock Edition:

Name Namespaced ID
Wood wood

Block data[edit]

In Bedrock Edition, wood uses the following data values:

DV Description
0 Oak Wood
1 Spruce Wood
2 Birch Wood
3 Jungle Wood
4 Acacia Wood
5 Dark Oak Wood
8 Stripped Oak Wood
9 Stripped Spruce Wood
10 Stripped Birch Wood
11 Stripped Jungle Wood
12 Stripped Acacia Wood
13 Stripped Dark Oak Wood

Block states[edit]

Java Edition:

Name Default value Allowed values Description
axisy xThe wood is oriented east–west.
yThe wood is oriented vertically.
zThe wood is oriented north–south.


Block Tags
Oak Wood
Stripped Oak Wood
#logs, #oak_logs
Spruce Wood
Stripped Spruce Wood
#logs, #spruce_logs
Birch Wood
Stripped Birch Wood
#logs, #birch_logs
Jungle Wood
Stripped Jungle Wood
#logs, #jungle_logs
Acacia Wood
Stripped Acacia Wood
#logs, #acacia_logs
Dark Oak Wood
Stripped Dark Oak Wood
#logs, #dark_oak_logs


Java Edition
1.3.112w30dOak Wood.pngSpruce Wood.pngBirch Wood.pngJungle Wood.png Added six-sided wood blocks, which look similar to logs, but they have the wood's "bark" texture (side texture when placed vertically) on all 6 sides.
It has an item form, obtainable only through commands or external tools. When placed, it acts like a normal log.
1.7.213w43aAcacia Wood Revision 1.pngDark Oak Wood.png Added two new types of wood: acacia and dark oak.
1.7-preAcacia Wood.png Drastically changed the texture of acacia wood.
1.1317w47aThe different variant block states and the axis=none block state for both the log and log2 IDs have been split up into their own IDs.
Readded the item form for wood blocks. They can now be obtained in the inventory.
Changed the name from wood to bark.
Prior to The Flattening, these blocks' numeral IDs were 17 and 162.
17w47bAdded the crafting recipe for bark.
18w22bOak Wood X.pngOak Wood Z.pngBirch Wood X.pngBirch Wood Z.pngSpruce Wood X.pngSpruce Wood Z.pngJungle Wood X.pngJungle Wood Z.pngAcacia Wood X.pngAcacia Wood Z.pngDark Oak Wood X.pngDark Oak Wood Z.png Bark blocks can now be rotated.
pre1Oak Wood Revision 1.pngOak Wood Revision 1 X.pngOak Wood Revision 1 Z.pngBirch Wood Revision 1.pngBirch Wood Revision 1 X.pngBirch Wood Revision 1 Z.pngSpruce Wood Revision 1.pngSpruce Wood Revision 1 X.pngSpruce Wood Revision 1 Z.pngJungle Wood Revision 1.pngJungle Wood Revision 1 X.pngJungle Wood Revision 1 Z.pngAcacia Wood Revision 2.pngAcacia Wood Revision 2 X.pngAcacia Wood Revision 2 Z.pngDark Oak Wood Revision 1.pngDark Oak Wood Revision 1 X.pngDark Oak Wood Revision 1 Z.png Changed the bark block top texture.
pre2Stripped Oak Wood.pngStripped Oak Wood X.pngStripped Oak Wood Z.pngStripped Birch Wood.pngStripped Birch Wood X.pngStripped Birch Wood Z.pngStripped Spruce Wood.pngStripped Spruce Wood X.pngStripped Spruce Wood Z.pngStripped Jungle Wood.pngStripped Jungle Wood X.pngStripped Jungle Wood Z.pngStripped Acacia Wood.pngStripped Acacia Wood X.pngStripped Acacia Wood Z.pngStripped Dark Oak Wood.pngStripped Dark Oak Wood X.pngStripped Dark Oak Wood Z.png Added stripped bark.
Oak Wood.pngOak Wood X.pngOak Wood Z.pngBirch Wood.pngBirch Wood X.pngBirch Wood Z.pngSpruce Wood.pngSpruce Wood X.pngSpruce Wood Z.pngJungle Wood.pngJungle Wood X.pngJungle Wood Z.pngAcacia Wood.pngAcacia Wood X.pngAcacia Wood Z.pngDark Oak Wood.pngDark Oak Wood X.pngDark Oak Wood Z.png Changed the bark texture back to how it was before pre1.
pre5Bark blocks changed back to <type> Wood.
Bark IDs changed to <type>_wood.
1.1419w02aWood and stripped wood can now be used to craft campfires.
Upcoming Java Edition
1.1519w41aStripped wood can now be crafted from stripped logs.
Pocket Edition Alpha
0.8.0build 2Added bark blocks, where at this time can be obtained only using world editing.
0.9.0build 1Added jungle, acacia, and dark oak variants for bark blocks.
Pocket Edition
1.0.0alpha to the addition of commands, bark blocks can now be placed using /setblock ~ ~ ~ log 12, without the need for an inventory editor.
Bedrock Edition
1.4.0beta Oak Wood.pngStripped Spruce Wood.pngStripped Birch Wood.pngStripped Jungle Wood.pngStripped Acacia Wood.pngStripped Dark Oak Wood.png Added stripped bark as part of experimental gameplay, but it can be placed only with /setblock ~ ~ ~ stripped_<type>_log 3.
1.10.0beta is now called "<type> Wood" and "Stripped <type> Wood".
Now exists as a separate block; previously placed wood looks the same but still drops logs instead of wood.
Added crafting recipe.
Wood blocks and stripped wood are added to the creative inventory.
Wood and stripped wood now generates in new villages.
Wood and stripped wood is now used to craft campfires and smokers.
Legacy Console Edition
TU14CU11.04Patch 11.0.1Oak Wood.pngSpruce Wood.pngBirch Wood.pngJungle Wood.png Added oak, spruce, birch and jungle bark blocks. They can be obtained only by world editing.
Acacia Wood.pngDark Oak Wood.png Added acacia and dark oak bark blocks. They can be obtained only by world editing.
TU69CU571.76Patch 38Stripped Oak Wood.pngStripped Spruce Wood.pngStripped Birch Wood.pngStripped Jungle Wood.pngStripped Acacia Wood.pngStripped Dark Oak Wood.png Added stripped bark. They can be obtained only by world editing.
PlayStation 4 Edition
1.90Added the item form for wood and stripped wood. They can now be obtained in the Creative inventory or through crafting.
1.95Wood can now be used to craft planks.


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