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Oak Boat.pngSpruce Boat.pngBirch Boat.pngJungle Boat.pngAcacia Boat.pngDark Oak Boat.png
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No, but drops except when in lava

Internal ID

JE: 41
BE: 90

Network ID

JE: 1

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Duncan Geere Mojang avatar.png

Boats were added to Minecraft alongside cacti in Alpha version 1.0.6, way back in 2010. They’re made with five planks arranged around the bottom of a crafting grid, plus a spade if you’re playing on Bedrock edition. Once you’re holding your finished boat, all you need to do to deploy it is to hit the use item button when facing some water. Splash! Once it’s bobbing about, ready to go, a second tap of the use button will sit you inside. You can then use the normal movement controls to pootle around to your heart’s content - much faster than walking. When you reach your destination you can get out again by hitting “sneak”, and retrieve the boat by attacking it until it drops. Take THAT you lousy boat! That’ll teach you to be a convenient and wistful form of oceanic transport!

Duncan Geere[1]

A boat is both an item and a vehicle entity.


Boats can be retrieved by repeatedly attacking them until they drop as an item. Tools and Weapons with damage above 4 can instantly destroy a boat in one swipe.


Ingredients Crafting recipe Description
Matching Planks

[Java Edition only]
Matching Planks +
Wooden Shovel

[Bedrock and Legacy Console editions only]
Shovel represents an oar.


Press the use item button on the boat to mount it.

A boat can be exited by pressing the Sneak key,‌[Java and Bedrock editions only] pressing down the right analog stick,‌[Legacy Console and Bedrock editions only] tapping on the "Leave Boat" button,‌[Bedrock Edition only] or pressing the jump key‌[Bedrock Edition only]. When exiting a boat, the player is placed in the direction the player is facing, or, if facing directly up or down, the player is placed in front of the boat. The exiting player is placed on land if that is possible from the dismounting position.

With a keyboard or gamepad, boats are controlled using the forward, left (turns left), right (turns right), and backwards keys. Using the sprint key increases the field of vision, but does not increase speed as if sprinting.

With touchscreen controls, two buttons for steering appear. The right button or key steers to the left, and the left button or key steers to the right. Pressing both buttons moves the boat forward.

Unlike with beds, there is no message above the hotbar for attempting to enter a fully occupied boat.[2]


Multiple entities in each boat.

Boats move according to the player's control or water currents. Boats have the same speed as minecarts. If on land, a boat may still be controlled but extremely slowly. A boat does not turn with mouse-look. A player cannot both move (row) and use items at the same time.

Boats can be used to travel safely through water. Collisions do not damage boats, although the boat breaks when colliding with a lily pad.

As of update 1.13.2, a player sustains damage when falling from heights while riding a boat.

Boats effectively have just over 4♥♥ (exactly 4 damage isn't quite enough to destroy it), and regenerate 110 per tick. When on the ground, they have 0.455 the height of a block.

If a boat is pushed underwater, for instance, if moved under a waterfall, or if moved up or down into a current, it sinks. In Java Edition, a sunken boat must be broken and picked up to use it again.

Boats can support two riders, including mobs. Mobs can't exit a boat and are trapped until the boat gets destroyed, or until the player uses a fishing rod or lead to remove the mob. This can be utilized to safely drown mobs.

Riding a boat does not deplete hunger, making it an efficient way to travel.

Java / Legacy Console Editions
  • Boats move extremely fast while on ice, especially blue ice. When moving fast enough, a "water spray" visual effect represents the bow wake. Being in a boat limits the player's mouse-look to the forward 180 degree arc. A boat breaks snow layers that it runs into.
  • A sunken boat is sunk forever, unable to be retrieved until it is broken by the player.
  • For mobs to enter a boat, they must walk directly on top of it. A mob cannot control the boat.
Bedrock Edition
  • A sunken boat resumes floating when it emerges from the current or the waterfall that was keeping it down.
  • Boats emit smoke when destroyed.
  • Mobs can be 'picked up' by riding a boat near them, and a mob can drive the boat without the aid of the player.


When destroyed via attacking or other forms of damage such as fire, a boat drops its item form. A boat is not destroyed if it crashes against a block or lily pad, unlike in versions before Java Edition 1.9, but if it is killed from fall damage, it drops 3 corresponding planks of the boat's type.


Expert-level fisherman villagers have a 17 chance to buy one of the six boat types for an emerald.‌[Bedrock Edition only]

Master-level fisherman villagers always offer to buy an oak boat for an emerald.‌[Java Edition only]


A boat can be used as fuel in furnaces, smelting 2 items in the Java and Legacy Console Editions, and 6 items in the Bedrock Edition per boat.


Sound Subtitle Namespaced ID Subtitle ID Source Pitch Volume Min. volume
No subtitle entity.boat.paddle_land (Plays when riding boat on land) ? ? ? ?
No subtitle entity.boat.paddle_water (Plays when riding boat on water) ? ? ? ?

Data values[edit]


Java Edition:

Boat Namespaced ID
Oak item oak_boat
Spruce item spruce_boat
Birch item birch_boat
Jungle item jungle_boat
Acacia item acacia_boat
Dark Oak item dark_oak_boat
Entity boat

Bedrock Edition:

Boat Namespaced ID Numeric ID
Item boat 333
Entity 70

In Bedrock Edition, boats use the following data values:

Boat Data value
Oak 0
Spruce 1
Birch 2
Jungle 3
Acacia 4
Dark Oak 5

Entity data[edit]

Boats have entity data associated with them that contain various properties of the entity.


Java Edition Alpha
v1.0.6Boat (Item).png Added boats.
Java Edition Beta
1.6.6Crashing into soul sand on a boat kills the player, but keeps the boat intact.
1.8Pre-releaseIt is possible to score a critical hit against a boat.
Java Edition
1.3.112w15aBoats can be shot out from dispensers.
12w21aBoats no longer take damage when colliding with lily pads. Instead, the lily pads themselves break.
12w23aBoats can accelerate to faster than previous speeds, and are now easier to control.
12w27aBoats now drop their item instead of wood planks and sticks if broken by a player.
1.6.1?New boat physics with lower inertia, but left, back and right controls were removed.
Boats now take damage and break when colliding with many lily pads in a short time.
1.7.213w36aCan /summon mobs riding boats, though at this point mobs cannot control boats.
13w43aNo longer inflict fall damage when running aground.
Slightly improved boats being broken by lily pads.
Left, back and right controls added again.
1.814w06aMobs riding boats can control them, so that they can chase or flee enemies, move toward food, move about randomly, or whatever they would do on land. The exceptions are the ghast and bat, which cannot control boats.
1.8.2pre2Boats can survive crashes at higher speeds.
1.915w41aOak Boat (Item) Revision 1.pngBirch Boat (Item) Revision 1.pngSpruce Boat (Item) Revision 1.pngJungle Boat (Item) Revision 1.pngAcacia Boat (Item) Revision 1.pngDark Oak Boat (Item) Revision 1.png Boats are now overhauled to match the boats from Pocket Edition alpha 0.11.0. They now have oars for paddling and are more durable and now allows passenger's to board
Mobs can now board boats, though they can no longer control them.
A new set of controls was introduced: it included holding down the right and left keys to move forward, and using the right key to move the right oar, turning the boat to the left (and vice-versa). Mouse movement no longer turned boats, and the forward and back keys no longer had any effect. All this was changed in 16w04a.
Players could no longer use items or attack from boats unless they were at a complete stop. This was changed in 15w42a.
Crafting recipe was changed to require a wooden shovel as shown below. This was later reverted in 16w04a.
Added variants of all wood types, though only the oak boat can be crafted.
NBT tag Type (string) is added for the Boat entity, taking values oak, spruce, birch, jungle, acacia and dark_oak.
15w42aBirch, spruce, acacia and jungle boats can now be crafted using the same recipe as oak, except with the corresponding planks.
The new boats are now comparable in speed to the old boats (slightly faster than sprinting), though with less momentum.
Players can now use items and attack immediately after they stop rowing.
15w43cBoat texture is remapped, so that they now have a separate texture per oar and per side of the boat.
15w45aThe dark oak boat can now be crafted.
15w51aBoats now drop their corresponding planks when broken.
16w04aBoats are faster and now move forward and backward using the forward and backward keys respectively, and steer left and right using the left and right keys respectively. The rowing mechanism introduced in 15w41a, holding the right and left keys, is removed and no longer moves the boat forward. The controls are now more similar to boats before the overhaul.
Boats now sink when underwater, or within flowing water of any depth.
Crafting is restored to the original recipe, no longer requiring a wooden shovel as it had since 15w41a (though matching wood planks is still required).
Riding a boat no longer subjects water-sensitive mobs to being damaged by water, and no longer protects sunlight-sensitive mobs from being damaged by sunlight.
Dismounting now attempts to place the player on land.
16w06aRiding entities such as boats are now run by the client rather than by the server.
1.1116w32aChanged entity ID from Boat to boat.
16w33aBoats can now be used to fuel furnaces.
1.1217w17aAdd boat paddles sound.
1.1317w47aThe oak boat ID has been changed from boat to oak_boat.
Prior to The Flattening, these items' numeral IDs were 333, 444, 445, 446, 447 and 448.
1.1418w43aOak boat (Item) TextureUpdate.png Birch boat (Item) TextureUpdate.png Spruce boat (Item) TextureUpdate.png Jungle boat (Item) TextureUpdate.png Acacia boat (Item) TextureUpdate.png Dark oak boat (Item) TextureUpdate.png Changed the textures of all boats.
18w50aChanged texture to new wooden planks.
Upcoming Java Edition
1.1519w37aBoats as fuel now smelt 6 items in a furnace instead of 1.
Pocket Edition Alpha
0.11.0September 19, 2014Tommaso Checchi tweeted a picture of a player riding a boat, stating that the most important thing is to "get the paddling right".
January 26, 2015Tommaso Checchi tweets a screenshot of multiple riders in a single boat.
February 20, 2015Tommaso Checchi tweets a screenshot of multiple boats with only mobs in them.
build 1Boat (Item).pngBoat (Item).pngBoat (Item).pngBoat (Item).pngBoat (Item).pngBoat (Item).png Added boats. Each wood type has its own respective variant, though they share the same sprite as items.
Boats can support two riders, including mobs.
Boats are larger in size.
Are more resistant to crashing against land.
build 12Projectiles can now be shot from boats.
0.12.1build 1Added all boat variants to the creative inventory.
Oak Boat (Item) Revision 1.pngBirch Boat (Item) Revision 1.pngSpruce Boat (Item) Revision 1.pngJungle Boat (Item) Revision 1.pngAcacia Boat (Item) Revision 1.pngDark Oak Boat (Item) Revision 1.png New inventory icons for boats. The sprite now includes paddles and represents their respective wood color.
0.13.0build 1Boats are now slightly faster than sprinting, and no longer deplete hunger.
Players can now use items and attack immediately after they stop rowing.
build 3Boats now stack on top of each other.
Bedrock Edition
1.2.0beta now move faster on ice.
1.5.0beta the steering of boats when using keyboard and mouse - W now moves the boat forwards and S reverses it.
beta can now sink or float on bubble columns.
1.10.0beta boat (Item) TextureUpdate.png Birch boat (Item) TextureUpdate.png Spruce boat (Item) TextureUpdate.png Jungle boat (Item) TextureUpdate.png Acacia boat (Item) TextureUpdate.png Dark oak boat (Item) TextureUpdate.png Changed the textures of all boats.
1.11.0beta can now be bought from fisherman villagers.
Legacy Console Edition
TU1CU11.0Patch 1Boat (Item).png Added boats.
TU12Increased maximum number of boats in a world to 40.
Boats now break when it hits land hard.
TU141.04Are not broken by lily pads anymore, instead they run straight through the lily pad now, breaking and sometimes dropping it.
When they crash they can sometimes drop themselves.
Are less glitchy and more responsive now.
Increased maximum speed.
When exiting, players be moved from the boat.
When broken by a player, they drop a boat now.
TU46CU361.38Patch 15Oak Boat (Item) Revision 1.pngBirch Boat (Item) Revision 1.pngSpruce Boat (Item) Revision 1.pngJungle Boat (Item) Revision 1.pngAcacia Boat (Item) Revision 1.pngDark Oak Boat (Item) Revision 1.png Boats overhauled to match Pocket Edition 0.11 boats.
TU57CU491.56Patch 27Crafting recipe was changed to require a wooden shovel.
New Nintendo 3DS Edition
0.1.0Boat (Item).png Added boats.


Issues relating to "Boat" are maintained on the bug tracker. Report issues there.


  • A chest is short enough that a boat falls onto it rather than crashes into it.
  • Sand, red sand, concrete powder, gravel, anvils and dragon eggs drop as items when they fall onto a boat that is in water.
  • Boats travel at fast speeds when on ice, packed ice, and frosted ice. They travel even faster on blue ice.
  • The crafting recipes for boats are the only recipes that can be unlocked in the recipe book without having any items.
  • If the player is standing on a floating boat and the boat is moved, the player's hunger bar decreases.
  • Boats can only turn in 10 degree increments. After releasing the turning controls, the boat will stop turning on the nearest degree multiple of 10, meaning they are effectively limited to 36 different directions of motion.


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