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Spotted Pig
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Health points





Height: 0.9 Blocks, Width: 0.9 Blocks

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This feature is exclusive to Minecraft Earth.
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’’This spotty pig is as sweet as it can be, it loves to live with its piggy friends, hunting the Grassy Plains for sweet treats to eat.’’

Player Journal Description

The Spotted Pig is a variant of the pig covered with dark brown spots, exclusively found in Minecraft Earth.


The Spotted Pig is the spotted variant of the normal pig with a few notable differences. Its skin is a bit pale pink unlike the normal pig, and the presence of dark brown spots covering its entire body and a large spot covering its left eye. It possesses small spots on its legs.


Like the average pig, spotted pigs have the same AI behavior, wandering aimlessly, dodging lava and cliffs.


Minecraft Earth
0.16.0Spotted Pig.png Added spotted pigs.