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Spectator mode is a game mode that allows the player to fly around and observe the world without interacting with it in any way. Spectator mode can be entered by using the command /gamemode spectator, dying in Hardcore mode or using F3+N with cheats enabled. In Bedrock Edition, spectator mode is not available without external editors and is really buggy. It also cannot Spectate other Entities. HelenAngel has said that proper spectator mode will be available in the future.[1]


Spectators are invisible, can fly, clip through blocks and entities, and view all entities, including other players in Spectator mode. The HUD is completely invisible, except for subtitles and the chat. The inventory is like in Survival and Adventure mode.


Spectators are completely invisible, except to other players who are also in Spectator mode (see above). However, the player can faintly see their head when toggling Third Person view.

Spectators are not noticed by mobs, and do not trigger mob spawning (including from spawners), nor do they prevent mob despawning, but they are noticed by commands and/or command blocks.

Spectators who are affected by the Glowing status effect can still be seen in Spectator Mode by other players, although not by mobs.

Highlighting players[edit]

Spectators can also use the "Highlight Players (Spectator)" control if changed from the default (nothing). This allows the spectator to see other players as if they have the Glowing effect, and if let go the effect disappears. The color is still the same in the player's scoreboard if you do press the chosen key.


Spectators can move through blocks, entities, and other players. When their head is inside a block, they can see through all blocks.

Spectators cannot take damage, as all blows go through them. Lava, drowning, fire, and suffocation also do not affect them. However, they can take damage from the void or /kill.

Commands (including player selectors) can still target spectators.


Spectators are always flying. They cannot stop flying by landing, as the player just passes through the blocks. The mouse scroll wheel and the sprint key affect the flying speed, but the slowness and swiftness effect do not.

The maximum speed that can be achieved is 43.556 m/s without sprinting and 87.111 m/s with sprinting. (Without sprinting: 156.8016 km/h; With sprinting 313.5996 km/h)


If a player opens their inventory while in Spectator mode, they cannot interact with or use any of the items in it. Likewise, viewing GUIs is possible, but it is not possible to interact with them. If a container uses a loot table to generate its contents, but the loot has not yet been generated, a player in Spectator mode cannot open the container to view its contents. Items in the world also cannot be picked up. Also, the player's head is slightly visible.

If a number key is pressed, the player can teleport to a specific player on that server by pressing 1, or the player can teleport to a team member by pressing 2 and afterward clicking on the number of the player twice to be teleported or once to see their name.

Seeing invisible entities[edit]

Spectators can see other spectators and invisible mobs, as well as themselves using F5. Spectators appear as a translucent disembodied head, and any held or equipped items are invisible. Invisible mobs appear translucent, like when viewing an invisible ally with /team modify <team> seeFriendlyInvisibles set to true. (Before 1.13: /scoreboard teams option <team> seeFriendlyInvisibles)

Mob view[edit]

A spectator can left-click on an entity, to take its view. Their position is locked to that of the entity, and their POV moves in accordance with the entity. Viewing oneself while spectating from an entity's point-of-view using F5 shows the entity. Pressing the dismount key (⇧ Shift by default) returns the player to flying mode. In addition to spectating mobs, players can also spectate any block that is an entity, such as an end crystal, primed TNT, or an armor stand.

Certain mobs also apply a shader while looking from their point-of-view. This filters how the world is portrayed to the spectator. Similar to the Super Secret Settings, if one presses F4, it removes the filter without dismounting the mob. Below is a table of mobs that have a filter.

Entity Filter
Creeper Green pixelated, tinted vision
Enderman Colors inverted
Spider Quintuple vision, slight blurring, high FOV
Cave Spider Same as the spider, with the screen tinted red as if near the world border


Java Edition
1.8January 27, 2014Dinnerbone tweeted about trying out Spectator mode.
14w05aSpectator mode added.
14w06aAdded hot key for player outlines.
14w18aSpectator presence no longer prevents mob despawning.
14w19aThe inventory hotbar is replaced with a commands window including the ability to teleport to other players or teams.
14w20aAdjusting fly speed of Spectator mode now works vertically.
1.8.2pre1Hostile mobs no longer follow/attack spectators.
1.915w51aA spectator is no longer able to open a chest where the loot has not been generated yet.
Bedrock Edition
?"Added" Spectator Mode.
Spectator Mode cannot accessed without Add-Ons or Editing, and cannot spectate other entities.


Issues relating to "Spectator" are maintained on the bug tracker. Report issues there.


  • If a pumpkin is put on a player's head and go into spectator mode, the vision is still filtered even entered the view of a mob.
  • If an entity falls out of the world, any spectators taking its perspective die with it since they are still separate entities and take void damage.
  • All mobs' perspective can be viewed with the exception of the ender dragon.
  • Getting killed while on mob view makes the player respawn with the same shader view.
  • In the Chinese version, it is possible to access this mode in multiplayer by changing the "trust player" option, which can make new players come in as spectators.
  • In Bedrock Edition, when entering Spectator Mode using an NBT Editor, mobs can still see the spectator. They cannot attack the spectator.

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