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Tutorials/Saved data Dropbox guide

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Go to [ this link] and follow the directions, but instead of putting the "minecraft" folder on the thumb drive, move it to your Dropbox folder. Just run the .bat file when you want to play, and you're done! To install mods, texture packs, or maps, you must use the .minecraft folder in the Dropbox folder.
== Download and Install Dropbox ==
It informational resource, I'll bookmark it and visit it again!
The first step is to download Dropbox. Dropbox automatically syncs content to their servers and allows you to access it both online and through a client on your PC. Dropbox is cross platform, plus available on the web and web-enabled smartphones.
Go to [], register for a free account, download the application and install it. You automatically get 2GB for free.
Once you have installed Dropbox, you'll need to know where the Dropbox folder is:
*On Windows XP, the Dropbox folder is located inside the user's "My Documents" folder. The easiest way to reference this is using the environmental variables, as follows: <tt>"%HomeDrive%%HomePath%\My Documents\Dropbox"</tt>. Because "My Documents" contains a space, the quotation marks are required.
*On Windows 7 and 8, the default Dropbox folder location is C:\Users\''username''\Dropbox. Use the environmental variables <tt>%HomeDrive%%HomePath%\Dropbox</tt>.
*On Linux, the default location is in the user's home folder. For example in Ubuntu, that folder is located at ~/Dropbox
*On Mac OS, it should also be in the user's home folder.
Whichever operating system you are using, Dropbox has very good documentation and can assist you in finding help: []
== Move your Minecraft Saved Data to your Dropbox Folder ==
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