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This feature is exclusive to Bedrock Edition.
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"Snowlogging" is a mechanic in Bedrock Edition that allows layers of snow to occupy the same block space as certain types of vegetation.


Only some plants are capable of being snowlogged. They can be snowlogged by placing a snow layer inside an existing plant block. It is worth noting that, unlike waterlogging, this cannot be done in reverse, as placing a plant in an existing snow layer will delete said snow layer.[1]

Snowloggable plants[edit]

Plant Snowloggable? Additional notes
Dandelion Yes
Poppy Yes
Allium Yes
Azure Bluet Yes
Brown Mushroom Yes
Red Mushroom Yes
Cornflower Yes
Lily of the Valley Yes
Blue Orchid Yes
Oxeye Daisy Yes
White Tulip Yes
Red Tulip Yes
Pink Tulip Yes
Orange Tulip Yes
Grass Yes
Fern Yes
Dead Bush No
Bamboo Sapling No
Oak Sapling No
Birch Sapling No
Spruce Sapling No
Jungle Sapling No
Acacia Sapling No
Dark Oak Sapling No
Sugar Cane No
Tall Grass No
Large Fern No
Sunflower No
Peony No
Lilac No
Rose Bush No
Melon Stem No
Pumpkin Stem No
Carrots No
Potatoes No
Beetroots No
Wheat No