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Slime Block
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Blast resistance



Any tool




Yes (64)



Catches fire from lava




Data value

dec: 165 hex: A5 bin: 10100101

Namespaced ID

See § Data values

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Slime blocks can be used to bounce on, like some sort of snot-coated trampoline. The height of your bounce is relative to how far you fall onto the block. So if you say, fall six blocks of height and land on a slime block, you'll bounce four blocks high into the air! Wheeeeee! While this is a lot of fun, it does also mean your feet touched a slime block. You might want to burn those shoes. And those feet. Better safe than sorry.

Tom Stone[1]

A slime block is a transparent block that mobs can bounce on.


Slime blocks can be broken instantly, regardless of held items.


Ingredients Crafting recipe


Landing on a slime block won't cause fall damage unless the player is sneaking.

Slime blocks are also slightly slippery, but less so than ice.

Slime blocks cause movement on top of them to slow down.


A player or mob that falls onto the top of a slime block bounces to a height proportional to the falling velocity. The bounce height quickly deteriorates. For example, a fall of 255 blocks produces a bounce height of about 50 blocks, while a fall of 50 blocks results in a bounce height of 22 blocks. The maximum bounce height is 57.625 blocks. Entities hitting the side of a slime block do not bounce.

A player holding the jump key performs a normal jump on contact with the slime block without taking fall damage. A player holding sneak does not bounce at all, and takes fall damage. Landing on the edge of a slime block that is bordered by anything (including air) other than another slime block is treated like landing on a solid block, receiving fall damage and not bouncing.

Placing carpets, rails, trapdoors, redstone repeaters or redstone comparators on a slime block does not stop mobs from bouncing and not taking fall damage. Likewise, placing a pressure plate on a slime block does not stop mobs from bouncing, but the pressure plate still activates. Cake, slabs, and other half-blocks stop the bouncing effect.

Most mobs bounce off slime blocks except for chickens, ghasts and bats. Occasionally a horse may get stuck on a block when a player tries to spawn it on top of a slime block in Creative mode.

Items, falling sand/gravel, minecarts and boats do not bounce on slime blocks. Particles, however, do bounce.


Piston A can extend because the slime block ignores the adjacent obsidian. Piston B cannot extend because the diamond block is prevented from moving by the obsidian and so the slime block also refuses to move.
A self-propelled aircraft engine. Place the top block of redstone and sticky piston last.

When being pushed by a piston, entities (except ender dragons, item frames and paintings) that are ahead are launched into the direction the block is pushed into. When pulled by a piston, no entities are launched.

When a slime block is pushed or pulled by a piston, it attempts to move all adjacent blocks in the same direction. The types of blocks that can be moved are the same as those that can be pulled by a sticky piston. Blocks that cannot be pulled by a sticky piston (i.e. all the blocks listed on the table on the pistons page) stay in place. The blocks that are moved may in turn push other blocks. For example, a slime block sitting on the ground attempts to move the ground block underneath itself, which push additional ground blocks in the direction of motion just as if it were being pushed directly by a piston.

Glazed terracotta and honey blocks[upcoming: JE 1.15 & BE 1.14] are exceptions; they do not move when adjacent slime blocks are moved.

When the adjacent block that is moved is also a slime block, that block attempts to move all its adjacent blocks. For example, a 2×2×2 cube of slime blocks may be pushed or pulled as a unit by a single piston acting on any of the blocks in the cube.

A slime block adjacent to a block that cannot be moved by pistons ignores the immobile block. However, if an adjacent block could be moved but is prevented by the presence of an immobile block, the slime block is also prevented from moving. Liquids are an exception: they aren't moved, but neither do they stop a piston from pushing or pulling blocks into their space (usually destroying the liquid, and in a rare case displacing it through the piston).

Slime blocks are not pulled by a non-sticky piston, nor are they moved if an adjacent (non-slime) block is moved by a piston.

The maximum of 12 blocks moved by a piston still applies. For example, a 2×2×3 of slime blocks may be pushed or pulled by a sticky piston as long as no other movable blocks are adjacent to it.

A piston cannot move itself via a "hook" constructed of slime blocks, but self-propelled contraptions can be created with multiple pistons.

Crafting ingredient[edit]

Name Ingredients Crafting recipe
Slimeball Slime Block

Data values[edit]


Java Edition:

Block Namespaced ID
Slime Block slime_block

Bedrock Edition:

Block Namespaced ID Numeric ID
Slime Block slime 165


Icon Achievement In-game description Actual requirements (if different) Availability Xbox points earned Trophy type (PS)
Xbox PS Bedrock Nintendo
TrampolineBounce 30 blocks upward off a slime block.YesYesYesWii U, Switch15GBronze


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Java Edition
1.8December 20, 2013Jeb posts the first image of the slime block. At this stage, slime blocks are known as "Bouncy Blocks".
14w02aSlime Block Revision 1.png Added slime blocks.
14w18aSlime blocks can now move adjacent blocks when moved by pistons.
Slime blocks pushed by a piston will now vertically launch entities into the air.
14w19aSlime blocks can now push entities sideways and downwards when attached to a piston.
14w25aThe texture of the inside block originally used the 10×10 center of the 16×16 slime.png file, however, since the addition of explicit texture referencing in block models in this snapshot, the center 10×10 section now has its own texture, due to limitations of the custom models not being able to access non-square texture files.
14w32cThe breaking/placing sound of slime blocks has now been changed to the hurt sound of slimes.
1.1217w16aSlime blocks no longer pull glazed terracotta attached to its side when pulled by sticky pistons.
pre3Slime blocks no longer pull glazed terracotta attached on any side, moved by any type of piston.
1.1317w47aThe ID has now been changed from slime to slime_block.
Prior to The Flattening, this block's numeral ID was 165.
1.1418w43aSlime Block.png The texture of slime blocks has now been changed.
Upcoming Java Edition
1.1519w42aSlime blocks no longer stick to honey blocks when pushed by pistons.
Pocket Edition Alpha
0.14.0build 1Slime Block Revision 1.png Added slime blocks.
Bedrock Edition
1.10.0beta texture of slime blocks has now been changed.
Upcoming Bedrock Edition
1.14.0beta Block.png The texture of slime blocks has now been changed to match Java Edition's texture.
Slime blocks no longer stick to honey blocks when pushed by pistons.
Legacy Console Edition
TU31CU191.22Patch 31.0.1Slime Block Revision 1.png Added slime blocks.
PlayStation 4 Edition
1.90Slime Block.png The texture of slime blocks has now been changed.
New Nintendo 3DS Edition
0.1.0Slime Block Revision 1.png Added slime blocks.


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  • Translucent blocks (blocks with two different transparencies), such as slime blocks, are now able to be implemented due to a new rendering system.[2]
  • A minecart leaving a rail onto a slime block can continue on a rail on the opposite side, if it has sufficient momentum leaving the initial rail.
  • Slime blocks under soul sand make the player move slower than if the player was just walking on soul sand. This is also apparent with ice.
  • Rabbits do not jump while on a slime block.
  • Entities launched upwards by a slime block on top of a piston achieve slightly more than 6.4 blocks of lift, including the lift from the piston. Entities launched sideways across normal blocks or air are moved 3.510 blocks in the direction of the launch.
  • Placing a slime block quickly before suffering a tall drop prevents all fall damage.



  1. Does not block light, and mob spawning is possible.