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"Steve" "Alex"
The default player skin, "Steve", as it appears in-game.

The Steve skin when directly opened in an image viewer.

The alternate default player skin, "Alex", as it appears in-game.

The Alex skin when directly opened in an image viewer.

Skins refer to the textures that are placed onto a player or mob model.


Skins are divided into areas that act as the surface area of the character (for example, the front head area, left leg area, etc.). A skin will only allow solid color; transparency is not allowed on the skin file except on the second layer, which is transparent by default; playing offline, pixels can be left free resulting in "holes" in the skin. If a skin with transparent pixels on the first layer is uploaded, the transparent pixels will render as black pixels in-game. The second layer can be used to give the character glasses, hats, or other accessories (even a bigger head).

World textures

A skin can also refer to other textures in the game, such as block textures, item sprites, mob skins, etc. A list of these can be found here.

It is worth noting that zombie and zombie pigmen mobs can use typical player skins (and vice-versa). Skeleton mobs can use typical player skins as well, but keep in mind that they have their skinny arms and legs. (If a skeleton mob skin is used as a player's skin, their legs and arms will not be skinny.)

In order to use the player skin for zombies and zombie pigmen, you must align it to the correct place on the .png or the texture will be broken.

Changing / installing player skins

Java Edition

A player can only change their character's skin if they have purchased Minecraft. This is done on the Profile page by uploading a valid .png image file (note: .jpg files will be accepted), which will then replace the default skin.

Skins also have the option of having 3 or 4 pixel wide arms, which can be changed on the profile page as well.[1]

The steve.png and alex.png files in minecraft.jar can also be changed and replaced via a resource pack, but the effects will only be visible to players using the resource pack, and will affect all players with the default skin.

Legacy Console Edition

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A variety of Alex skins available in the Legacy Console Edition. Left to right: Tennis, Tuxedo, Athlete, Default, Swedish, Cyclist, Prisoner, and Boxer.

There are currently 16 default skin types (with the exception of the skin packs), 8 of which are based on the Steve model and the other 8 based on the Alex model, wearing different outfits and skin colors. The skins are available to be chosen in the 'Change Skin' area of Help & Options. There are also a few other skins with the name of Alex or Steve, but they aren't default, such as developer Alex or party Steve. The Legacy Console Edition allows transparent skins, because the player cannot create their own skins. This prevents issues with completely transparent skin users "haunting" other players. The player can add custom skins to the Legacy Console Edition via hacking; however, this will void the warranty of the console, and the player risks a ban from either Xbox Live or PlayStation Network for an illicitly modded game or console.

Bedrock Edition

Since Pocket Edition Alpha 0.11.0, Players can choose one of the two default skins either Steve or Alex, and can apply their own custom skin. (Uses the same format as the Java edition). The player must select a valid skin image from their photo library, and will then be prompted to choose between the two main models. Players can also buy skin packs which are purchased with Minecraft Coins. Those skin packs are as follows:Norse Mythology Skin Pack, Steampunk Skin Pack, Fallout Skin Pack, Power Rangers, Chinese Mythology Skin Pack, Greek Mythology skin pack,Magic:The Gathering ,Skyrim "Strangers" Biome Settlers Pack 3 Festive Mashup 2016 skin pack, Campfire Tales, the Minecon skin pack, Villains, Biome Settlers Pack 2, Story Mode Skin Pack, Redstone Specialists, Journey To The West, Holiday Skin Pack 2015, Biome Settlers Pack 1, Halloween Costumes, City Folk, Town Folk and other community-created skin packs. The Legacy Skin Pack was also implemented in Bedrock Edition, but the player has to sign in to Xbox Live to access all the skin, it also includes five anonymous skins.

Skin packs

One example of a skin pack available in the Legacy Console Edition.

Skin Packs are available in the Legacy Console Edition and in the Bedrock Edition as downloadable content. Skin Packs add additional skins that players may choose from along with the 16 default skins (2 in Bedrock Edition) packaged with the game. They often feature characters from other video games, alongside original designs.

Creating a skin

Many players want to have a new look, something which describes them. While you can always search the internet for a previously made skin, many players prefer to create their own.

A custom skin is a great way to personalize your player model and can be done either by using a variety of community-made skin editors, or by editing the "steve.png" file manually with an image editor like Photoshop, GIMP, or similar image editors. The "steve.png" file can be downloaded from here. When editing the "steve.png" file manually, be sure to keep the original image dimensions and make the background of the skin (the unused pixels) completely transparent. Otherwise, Minecraft may fail to recognize the skin as intended.

Alternatively, some people find it easier to use a program, either downloadable or in-browser, which will allow them to have a live view of their character on a three dimensional model as they are editing the skin. For example, a program called Skincraft will further assist players by providing them with a wide variety of pre-made selections (such as hats, boots, sweaters, etc.), to give the skin creator exactly what they want, even if the creator has little to no artistic skill.

After making a custom skin, either by using a skin editor or by editing the "steve.png" file directly, one will still need to upload the .png file at the Skin section of the Profile page of before the skin is applied. Once completed, start up Minecraft and enjoy your new skin! Other players in multiplayer will also be able to see your skin. Note that you will not be able to see your custom skin if you are not logged in or if playing offline.

Note: The 1.8 templates can be used for pre-1.8 skins on the skin server. Only the top half of the image is used, e.g. not the individual arms and legs on the bottom, and no overlay on any layer except the head. If the skins is in resource pack for 1.7, you must use the old system exactly.

There can be up to 3.06×1023,581 unique Minecraft skins.


Java Edition Classic
? Custom player skin test.
0.0.18a Custom skins released.
0.24 SURVIVAL TEST The player skin originally had a beard, which was removed in this version.
Java Edition Alpha
v1.2.2 Player skins can be modified.
Java Edition
1.0.0 Beta 1.9 Prerelease All "bottom" textures (including hand and foot) have been flipped 180 degrees. It's worth mentioning that the textures were specifically flipped and not rotated because an updated texture with the bottom surface rotated as opposed to flipped may display incorrectly depending on the intended alignment with relation to the rest of the skin.
April 1, 2014 On April 1st, all skins applied to players were changed to Villager skins as an April Fool's prank, and trying to edit or change the skin will not work. Capes were still shown, however, if the user had one.
1.8 14w03a Skins have received an overhaul; right and left legs/arms can now be edited independently and the hat layer now counts for the whole body, meaning overlays can now be added on skins. This means there are now up to 3.06×1023,581 unique Minecraft skins instead of 2.29×1011,328 previously.
14w04a Now displays the right arm's second layer in first person view.
pre1 Added a new player model with smaller arms, and a new player skin called Alex.
1.9 15w47a Overlay layers (hat, jacket, sleeves, and pants) correctly render semitransparent pixels, instead of only fully opaque and fully transparent pixels.
Pocket Edition Alpha
0.11.0 build 1 Added skins. Players can choose 'Steve' and 'Alex' models or their own custom skin (uses the same format as in Java Edition).
build 10 Added the first two skin packs: City Folk and Town Folk. Each skin pack has 5 free skins, and purchasing the skin pack will unlock the rest of the skins. Skin packs cost USD $0.99.
0.12.3 Added the Halloween Costumes skin pack.
0.13.0 build 5 Added the "Biome Settlers" skin pack.
0.13.1 Added the Holiday Festival 2015 skin pack.
0.13.2 Added the Journey to The West skin pack.
0.14.0 build 7 Added the Redstone Specialists skin pack.
0.14.1 Added Minecraft: Story Mode skins.
0.14.3 Added Biome Settlers 2 skin pack.
0.15.4 Added Villains skin pack.
Legacy Console Edition
TU3 CU1 1.0 Patch 1 The first skin pack is available as downloadable content.
TU24 CU12 1.16 8 'Alex' model skins added to default skin pack.