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Skeleton Wolf
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Height: 0.85 Blocks, Width: 0.6 Blocks

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‘‘No bones about it, this wolf is scary. Its menacing howl empowers its skeletal brethren when they are on the prowl.‘‘

Player Journal description

The Skeleton Wolf is a variant of a wolf with a skeletal texture, found only in Minecraft Earth.


Skeleton wolves are a rare mob drop found in stone tappables.


Similar to wolves, skeleton wolves mostly have the same AI behavior. They wander aimlessly, avoiding lava and cliffs high enough to cause fall damage. However, they are not tameable, are hostile and can howl. Additionally, skeleton wolves do not attack skeletons. Their melee attacks deal 4♥♥ and they sink in water, just like undead mobs.


When killed, an adult skeleton wolf drops:


Minecraft Earth
0.13.0Skeleton Wolf.png Added skeleton wolves.