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A skeleton is a hostile undead mob who attacks with bows and arrows.

Skeleton may also refer to:

  • Stray, a variant of the skeleton that uses arrows of Slowness
  • Wither skeleton, a taller skeleton who inflicts the Wither effect
  • Spider jockey, the rare appearance of a skeleton, stray or wither skeleton riding a spider
  • Skeleton horseman, a skeleton riding a skeleton horse
  • Skeleton horse, a variant of horse
  • Wither, a constructible hostile undead skeleton-like boss mob which fires wither skulls
  • Skeleton skull, a block that is obtained from a skeleton that was killed by a charged creeper
  • Wither skeleton skull, a block that is rarely obtained from killing a wither skeleton
  • Fossil, an Overworld structure that consists of bone blocks and coal ore
  • Nether Fossil, a Nether structure that consists of bone blocks

Minecraft Earth[edit]

Minecraft Dungeons[edit]

  • Skeleton, a hostile mob armed with a bow
  • stray, an ice covered skeleton that fires arrows that can slow down the player
  • Mossy Skeleton , a moss covered skeleton that fires poison arrows
  • Armored Skeleton, a skeleton wearing reinforced mail armor
  • Skeleton Vanguard, a melee variant of skeleton wielding a glaive and shield
  • Skeleton Horseman, a mini boss consisting of armored skeleton riding a skeleton horse
  • Necromancer, a skeleton which can summon undead mobs as well as shooting projectiles with their staff
  • Nameless One, boss mob in the desert temple level that shares some behavior with necromancers
  • Grim Armor, armor that resembles a skeleton
  • Wither Armor, a unique variant of grim armor with wither skeleton appearance
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