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Silk Touch
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Silk Touch is an enchantment that allows collection of blocks that are normally unobtainable. Mined blocks drop themselves instead of their usual items.

Obtainable blocks[edit]

The table below lists blocks that can be obtained by the Silk Touch enchantment.

Block Normal drops Obtainable with Silk Touch? Notes
Beetroots 1 Beetroot Seeds if not fully grown

1 Beetroot and
0–3 Beetroot Seeds if fully grown

Blue ice * Nothing Yes
Bookshelf 3 Book Yes
Cake * Nothing No
Campfire 2 Charcoal Yes
Carrots 1-4 Carrot No
Clay 4 Clay Yes Clay can also be obtained by crafting with the clay balls the block drops, or killing an Enderman holding the block.
Coal Ore * 1 Coal Yes (only with pickaxe)
Cocoa 1-3 Cocoa Beans No
Coral Blocks * Dead Coral Blocks Yes (only with pickaxe)
Coral *

Coral Fans *

Nothing Yes
Diamond Ore * 1 Diamond Yes (only with pickaxe)
Double Slab 2 Slab No All slabs except wooden drop nothing when mined without a pickaxe.
Emerald Ore * 1 Emerald Yes (only with pickaxe)
Ender Chest * 8 Obsidian Yes (only with pickaxe)
Farmland Dirt No
Fire * Nothing No Mining puts the fire out.
Frosted Ice* Nothing Yes‌[Legacy Console Edition only] Frosted Ice cannot be obtained in inventory.‌[Java and Bedrock editions only]
No‌[Java and Bedrock editions only]
Glass Pane *

Glass *

Nothing Yes
Glowstone 2-4 Glowstone Dust Yes Can also be crafted with 4 glowstone dust.
Grass Block Dirt Yes Can also be obtained by killing an Enderman holding the block.
Grass Path Dirt Yes‌[Bedrock Edition only]
No‌[Java and Legacy Console editions only]
Gravel 90% chance for Gravel and

10% chance for Flint

Ice * Nothing Yes
Infested Block

(Monster Egg)

Spawns 1


No When mined with a Silk Touch tool, it drops the original version of the block, not the monster egg, and no silverfish spawn.
Inverted Daylight Detector Daylight Detector No
Lapis Lazuli Ore * 4-8 Lapis Lazuli Yes (only with pickaxe)
Leaves 0-1 Saplings

0-2 Sticks 0-1 Apple from oak and dark oak leaves

Yes Leaf blocks can also be obtained by mining them with shears.
Melon 3-7 Melon Yes Can also be crafted on the crafting table with 9 melon slices.
Melon Stem 0-4 Melon Seeds No
Monster Spawner * Nothing No The spawner drops experience if mined with a pickaxe.
Mushroom Blocks 0-2 Mushrooms Yes
Mycelium Dirt Yes Can also be obtained by killing an Enderman holding the block.
Nether Quartz Ore * 1 Nether Quartz Yes (only with pickaxe)
Nether Wart 1-4 Nether Wart No
Packed Ice * Nothing Yes
Podzol Dirt Yes Can also be obtained by killing an Enderman holding the block.
Potatoes 1-4 Potato, and

2% chance for a Poisonous Potato

Pumpkin Stem 0-4 Pumpkin Seeds No
Redstone Ore * 4-5 Redstone Dust Yes (only with pickaxe)
Sea Lantern 2-3 Prismarine Crystals Yes
Snow * 1 Snowball Yes (only with shovel) Can craft 6 using 3 snow blocks.
Snow Block * 4 Snowball Yes (only with shovel) Can also be crafted with 4 snowballs.
Stone * Cobblestone Yes (only with pickaxe) Can also be smelted from cobblestone.
Turtle Egg * Nothing Yes
Wheat 1 Seeds if not fully grown

1 Wheat and
0-3 Seeds if fully grown


* The blocks drop nothing when mining them by hand.


If commands are used to apply both Silk Touch and Fortune to an item, the Silk Touch enchantment takes precedence over the Fortune enchantment for blocks affected by both enchantments.


  • Unlike other enchantments, mining a block that can be mined by hand using a book with that enchantment will still drop the block itself.