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This feature is exclusive to Java Edition.

Shaders are a feature used for various effects in Spectator Mode when the player takes the viewpoint of a mob. Shaders can be disabled by switching the perspective to third-person view. Shaders will not work in computers that do not support OpenGL 2.1, as GLSL (OpenGL's shader language) was introduced in OpenGL 2.

Currently, shaders are stored in the assets/minecraft/shaders/ directory of minecraft.jar. The file path of the currently-active shader is displayed on the debug screen.

Note that the differences between certain shaders can be very subtle, and therefore, to notice the differences, it might be necessary to observe a picture with higher resolution by clicking on one of the pictures below.


Name Description Sample Images
Default This does not utilize shaders. Use as a baseline for comparing to the screenshots below. Default.png
Notch Uses 8-bit color with half the resolution, with a dithering effect.

This is a reference to how many of Notch's other games use a similar overlay.

FXAA This shader adds a small amount of anti-aliasing (smoothing jagged edges), most visible in trees along the horizon. Fxaa.png
Art Pixels are blurred outward, causing moving objects to twinkle. Art.png
Bumpy Outlines color differences, and gives textures a 3D look. (More visible when viewing screenshot at full resolution.) Bumpy.png
Blobs2 Similar to Art, but less graphically intensive. Blobs2.png
Pencil Meant to give the world a pencil-sketch appearance. Pencil.png
Color convolve Intensifies/adds more colors, adding vibrancy. Color convolve.png
Deconverge Offsets the red, green, and blue color channels. Deconverge.png
Flip Flips the player's view vertically. Flip.png
Invert Inverts and slightly desaturates colors, obtainable with both Super Secret Settings and with /gamemode 3 (/gamemode spectator) then Spectating from the viewpoint of an Enderman. Invert.png
NTSC Gives the player's view the impression of a CRT Monitor/Television Screen. Ntsc.png
Outline Outlines color differences similarly to Bumpy, but less complex. Outline.png
Phosphor Pixels on screen linger, being "dragged out" when in motion before fading away. Phosphor.png
Scan pincushion Similar to NTSC, but without the blurring and much less graphically intensive. Scan pincushion.png
Sobel Turns the view black except for the edges of textures. Sobel.png
Bits Lowers the resolution and uses an 8-bit color scheme. Bits.png
Desaturate Reduces intensity of colors drastically, causing, as the name suggests, a desaturated effect. Desaturate.png
Green Scan Pincushion and Bits, but with a green overlay. Green.png
Blur Blurs the screen overall, independent of what is being displayed. Blur.png
Wobble Colors cycle through the hue range constantly. All displayed pixels move up and down via a sine calculation. It should be noted that this only affects the screen plane and not the vertices being displayed by it, as observing the very edge of the screen reveals the pixels being moved. Wobble.png
Blobs Similar to Blobs2 and Art, but the spots are tiny when close up and big when far away. Blobs.png
Antialias Blurs the edges of pixels to reduce jaggedness. This is blurrier than FXAA, but is better at eliminating jagged edges in textures and blocks. Antialias.png
Creeper Similar to Green, but with no black borders or low resolution, obtainable with /gamemode 3 then Spectating from the viewpoint of a Creeper. CreeperShaderFrom1dot8.png
Spider 5 "eyes" onscreen with blur in between, similar to a spider's face, obtainable with /gamemode 3 then Spectating from the viewpoint of a Spider. SpiderShaderFrom1dot8.png


Passes Used in Fragment Shader Vertex Shader
antialias.json Antialias antialias.fsh blobs.vsh
bits.json Bits, Creeper, Green bits.fsh sobel.vsh
blit.json Most shaders except Blur blit.fsh blit.vsh
blobs.json Blobs blobs.fsh blobs.vsh
blobs2.json Art, Blobs2 blobs2.fsh blobs.vsh
blur.json Art, Blur, NTSC, Spider blur.fsh sobel.vsh
bumpy.json Bumpy bumpy.fsh bumpy.vsh
color_convolve.json Color convolve, Creeper,
Desaturate, Green, NTSC
color_convolve.fsh sobel.vsh
deconverge.json Deconverge, NTSC deconverge.fsh sobel.vsh
downscale.json downscale.fsh downscale.vsh
flip.json Flip blit.fsh flip.vsh
fxaa.json FXAA fxaa.fsh fxaa.vsh
invert.json Invert invert.fsh blit.vsh
notch.json Notch notch.fsh sobel.vsh
ntsc_decode.json NTSC ntsc_decode.fsh sobel.vsh
ntsc_encode.json NTSC ntsc_encode.fsh sobel.vsh
outline.json Outline outline.fsh sobel.vsh
outline_combine.json Art outline_combine.fsh sobel.vsh
outline_soft.json Pencil outline_soft.fsh sobel.vsh
outline_watercolor.json Art outline_watercolor.fsh sobel.vsh
overlay.json overlay.fsh blit.vsh
phosphor.json NTSC, Phosphor phosphor.fsh sobel.vsh
scan_pincushion.json Green, NTSC, Scan pincushion scan_pincushion.fsh sobel.vsh
sobel.json Sobel sobel.fsh sobel.vsh
spider.json Spider spiderclip.fsh rotscale.vsh
wobble.json Wobble wobble.fsh sobel.vsh


Java Edition
1.7.213w38aThe original set of shaders was added: Antialias, Deconverge, Outline, Art, Desaturate, Pencil, Bits, Flip, Phosphor, Blobs, FXAA, Scan pincushion, Blobs2, Green, Sobel, Blur, Invert, Wobble, Color convolve, NTSC.
13w38bThe Bumpy shader was added.
1.7.413w47aThe Notch shader was added.
1.814w05aThe Creeper and Spider shaders were added. Shaders are automatically applied in spectator mode when viewing the world as a Creeper, Spider or Enderman.
14w05bShaders are now removed from view when changing perspective and changing perspective whilst spectating a mob.[1]
F4 now toggles different shaders rather than turning them off.[1]
1.915w31aRemoved the Super Secret Settings button for an internal rewrite.[2]


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