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This feature is exclusive to Java Edition and Bedrock Edition.

Saturation is a status effect that reduces the need for eating.


Instantly replenishes 1 (Half Hunger.svg) × level and 2 × level points of saturation. If the effect is forced to last longer than one tick, it will increase hunger and saturation each tick. Negative levels decrease hunger and saturation.


Cause Potency Length Notes
Suspicious Stew I 0.35 seconds (7 ticks) Must be crafted with Blue Orchid or Dandelion
Suspicious Stew I 0:07-0:10 Found in shipwreck supply chests
Traded from expert farmer villagers[JE only]


Note that some types of foods give status effects that may affect saturation levels.

Name Saturation Effects
Sweet Berries 0.2
Pufferfish 0.2

Hunger III (15 seconds)

Nausea II (15 seconds)

Poison IV (60 seconds)

Tropical Fish 0.2
Raw Cod 0.4
Raw Salmon 0.4
Cake (Slice) 0.4
Dried Kelp 0.6
Potato 0.6
Rotten Flesh 0.8

Hunger (30 seconds) (80% chance)

Beetroot 1.2
Melon Slice 1.2
Poisonous Potato 1.2

Poison (6 seconds) (60% chance)

Raw Chicken 1.2

Hunger (30 seconds) (30% chance)

Raw Mutton 1.2
Raw Beef 1.8
Raw Porkchop 1.8
Raw Rabbit 1.8
Apple 2.4
Chorus Fruit 2.4 Player will be teleported randomly
Cake (whole) 2.8
Spider Eye 3.2

Poison (4 seconds)

Carrot 3.6
Pumpkin Pie 4.8
Baked Potato 6
Bread 6
Cooked Cod 6
Cooked Rabbit 6
Beetroot Soup 7.2
Cooked Chicken 7.2
Mushroom Stew 7.2
Suspicious Stew 7.2 Has a chance to apply one of the following effects, depending on the flower used:

Oxeye Daisy Regeneration (8 seconds)

Cornflower Jump Boost (6 seconds)

Poppy Night Vision (5 seconds)

Allium Fire Resistance (4 seconds)

Dandelion Blue Orchid Saturation (0.35 seconds)

Lily of the Valley Poison (12 seconds)

Wither Rose Wither (8 seconds)

Tulips Weakness (9 seconds)

Azure Bluet Blindness (8 seconds)

Cooked Mutton 9.6
Cooked Salmon 9.6
Golden Apple 9.6

Regeneration II (5 seconds)

Absorption (2 minutes)

Enchanted Golden Apple 9.6

Regeneration II (20 seconds)

Absorption IV (2 minutes)

Resistance (5 minutes)

Fire Resistance (5 minutes)

Honey Bottle 9.6
Rabbit Stew 12
Cooked Porkchop 12.8
Steak 12.8
Golden Carrot 14.4


All foods replenish food saturation, but they don't actually add the Saturation status effect.


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