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Minecraft Earth:Ruby

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Existed In Game

Minecraft Earth

A ruby block displayed at the ruby shop.

The Ruby is the unit of currency used in Minecraft Earth.


Rubies are used to purchase buildplates, boosts, and to speed up crafting and smelting tasks. Rubies can be purchased in the following amounts:

  • Stack of Rubies (40 rubies) for $1.99
  • Ruby Block (105 rubies) for &4.99
  • Chest of Rubies (220 rubies) for $9.99
  • Cart of Rubies (450 rubies) for $19.99
  • Trove of Rubies (950 rubies) for $39.99
  • Mine of Rubies (2000 rubies) for $79.99. Only offered if a player doesn’t have enough rubies to purchase an item.


Rubies are obtained three ways:

  • Opening tappables
  • Completing challenges and adventures
  • Purchasing rubies in the in-game shop, in amounts of 40 and higher, with discounts for larger purchases