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Riptide is an enchantment to a trident, allowing the player to use the trident as a means of fast transportation.


Tridents enchanted with Riptide can be thrown only when a player stands in water, or during snowy weather in certain biomes,[note 1] or during rainy weather. In those situations, a thrown trident launches the player with it. Higher levels allow for traveling greater distances. Players can also reach higher heights by throwing a Riptide trident straight upwards.

If the player collides with a mob or another player, the trident deals throwing damage, including critical damage if the player is falling. Throwing a Riptide trident consumes 1 durability, with an additional durability point consumed if it collides with a mob or player.‌[Java Edition only]

A thrown trident can hit multiple targets,‌[Bedrock Edition only] but it behaves like a regular trident when thrown by a dispenser.


Riptide is mutually exclusive with Loyalty and Channeling (although Loyalty and Channeling may be combined with each other).


Sound Subtitle Namespaced ID Subtitle ID Source Pitch Volume Attenuation distance
Trident zooms item.trident.riptide_1 subtitles.item.trident.riptide ? ? ? 16
Trident zooms item.trident.riptide_2 subtitles.item.trident.riptide ? ? ? 16
Trident zooms item.trident.riptide_3 subtitles.item.trident.riptide ? ? ? 16


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  1. Riptide tridents do not work in biomes where it snows at all altitudes, see MC-128169