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This feature is exclusive to Java Edition and Bedrock Edition.
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The recipe book, together with the advancements system, will help new players to learn the game and give advanced players a new challenge.

Maria Lemón on advancements and recipe books[1]

The recipe book is a mechanic in Minecraft that serves as a catalog of recipes and as a crafting guide.



The way it works in vanilla survival* is that you either "discover" a recipe by crafting it manually, or some other condition where we think "okay now you have sticks, we'll teach you how to make a pickaxe". After a recipe is "discovered" it's available in this recipe book, an optional thing you can click to in a crafting screen. From there you can see all the recipes you've discovered and how to craft them, so you don't need to google for the shape and ingredients.

*I say vanilla survival because this is customizable. For example, a custom map could require you to only craft things they've given you, and nothing else. In vanilla survival this is purely a tool to help remember recipes you don't use much, or teach you about new ones that you may not have known about.

Dinnerbone on using the recipe book[2]
The open recipe book, as it appears in the survival inventory screen.
The recipe book as it appears in the crafting table screen.

The recipe book can be displayed in either the 2x2 (inventory) or 3x3 (crafting table) grids. Simply enter the crafting GUI and press the button with the knowledge book; the recipe book will then be displayed to the left.

Similar to Bedrock Edition's MATTIS system, the recipe book contains a list of all available crafting recipes.

Recipes are stored in several different tabs:

  • The first, topmost tab contains every unlocked recipe.
  • The second tab contains tools, weapons, and armor.
  • The third tab contains building materials.
  • The fourth tab contains food items and miscellaneous things.
  • The fifth tab contains redstone materials.
Right-click on an item will shows all the patterns.

Clicking on an item in the list will display its crafting recipe in the nearby 2x2 or 3x3 grid. The item can then be crafted if the materials are available; otherwise, the button containing the item will be highlighted red. Each click will show alternate patterns for the same crafting recipe, if there are several patterns (for example, each click on a banner recipe will show all the possible banners using different colored wools). Right click on the item shows all the alternate patterns.

Shift-clicking an item in the list puts all available materials in the crafting grid.

The button in the top right corner of the recipe book toggles between "Show all" and "Show craftable", the latter of which displays only recipes for which the player has the necessary materials in their inventory. The top-left corner also contains a search bar to further narrow the list.

Note that the 2x2 recipe book will only display recipes that can be crafted in the 2x2 grid; if the player wants to see every possible recipe, they must use the 3x3 recipe book.


The notification that pops up when new recipes are unlocked.

Recipes are unlocked upon meeting certain criteria (for instance, gathering materials, being near water, having a certain number of filled inventory slots, etc.) or by using a knowledge book. Using a crafting recipe will also unlock it, so long as /gamerule doLimitedCrafting remains false.

Recipes can also be given - or taken away - by using the /recipe command.

List of recipe unlocking criteria[edit]

Item Unlocking Criteria
Armor Have the appropriate material

(Diamond for diamond sword etc.)

Shield Have an iron ingot
Iron Bars
Iron Nugget
Heavy Weighted Pressure Plate
Iron Door
Iron Trapdoor
Diorite Have nether quartz
Block of Quartz
Redstone Comparator
Daylight Detector
Crafting Table Have planks
Wooden Trapdoors
Wooden Buttons
Wooden Pressure Plates
Dropper Have redstone dust
Note Block
Redstone Torch
Minecart with Chest Have a minecart
Minecart with Furnace
Minecart with Hopper
Minecart with TNT
Wool Have string
Tripwire Hook
Fishing Rod
Glass Bottle Have glass
Stained Glass Panes
Glass Pane
Golden Apple Have a gold ingot
Gold Nugget
Light Weighted Pressure Plate
Glistering Melon Slice Have a melon slice
Melon Seeds
Dark Prismarine Have a prismarine shard
Prismarine Bricks
Jack o'Lantern Have a pumpkin
Pumpkin Pie
Pumpkin Seeds
Activator Rail Have a rail
Detector Rail
Powered Rail
Magma Cream Have blaze powder
Eye of Ender
Fire Charge
Cobblestone Wall Have cobblestone
Stone Bricks Have stone
Stone Button
Stone Pressure Plate
Fences Have the appropriate planks
Fence Gates
Wooden Doors
Blaze Powder Have a blaze rod
Brewing Stand
Bookshelf Have a book
Book and Quill
Bricks Have a brick
Flower Pot
Purpur Block Have a popped chorus fruit
End Rod
Sticky Piston Have a slimeball
Snow Block Have a snowball
End Crystal Have an eye of ender
Ender Chest
Gray dye Have bone meal
Lime dye
Glowstone Have glowstone dust
Spectral Arrow
Mossy Stone Bricks Have mossy cobblestone
Mossy Cobblestone Wall
Chiseled Red Sandstone Have red sandstone
Cut Red Sandstone
Chiseled Sandstone Have sandstone
Cut Sandstone
Paper Have sugar cane
Stairs Have the appropriate block
Banners Have the appropriate colored wool
Boat Be in water
Bone Block Have 9 bone meal
Block of Coal Have 9 coal
Block of Diamond Have 9 diamonds
Block of Emerald Have 9 emeralds
Block of Gold Have 9 gold ingots
Block of Iron Have 9 iron ingots
Lapis Lazuli Block Have 9 lapis lazuli
Block of Redstone Have 9 redstone dust
Slime Block Have 9 slimeballs
Hay Bale Have 9 wheat
Beetroot Soup Have a beetroot
Rose Red Have a beetroot, a poppy, a rose bush, or a red tulip
Light Blue Dye Have a blue orchid or lapis lazuli
Bone Meal Have a bone or bone block
Dispenser Have a bow
Mushroom Stew Have a bowl
Carrot on a Stick Have a carrot
Clay Have clay
Coal Have a block of coal
Map Have a compass
Rabbit Stew Have a cooked rabbit
Dandelion Yellow Have a dandelion or a sunflower
Jukebox Have a diamond
Diamond Have a block of diamond
Arrow Have a feather or flint
Redstone Lamp Have glowstone
Gold Ingot Have a block of gold or 9 gold nuggets
Golden Carrot Have a gold nugget
Wheat Have a hay bale
Lapis Lazuli Have a lapis lazuli block
Bowl Have a mushroom
Nether Bricks Have a nether brick
Beacon Have a nether star
Pink dye Have a peony, a pink tulip, or bone meal
Purpur Pillar Have a purpur block
Chiseled Quartz Block Have a block of quartz
Leather Have a rabbit hide
Redstone Dust Have a block of redstone
Redstone Repeater Have a redstone torch
Slimeball Have a slime block
Fermented Spider Eye Have a spider eye
Ladder Have a stick
Torch Have a stone pickaxe
Armor Stand Have a smooth stone slab
Trapped Chest Have a tripwire hook
Cauldron Have a water bucket
Dyed Bed Have a White Bed
Magenta Dye Have an allium or lapis lazuli or pink dye or a lilac
Light Gray Dye Have an azure bluet or bone meal or an oxeye daisy or a white tulip
Cake Have an egg
Emerald Have an block of emerald
Anvil Have an block of iron
Iron Ingot Have an block of iron or 9 iron nuggets
Orange Dye Have an orange tulip or dandelion yellow
Polished Andesite Have Andesite
Cookie Have cocoa beans
Andesite Have diorite
Polished Diorite Have diorite
End Stone Bricks Have end stone
Flint and Steel Have flint
Stained Glass Have glass
Polished Granite Have granite
Coarse Dirt Have gravel
TNT Have gunpowder
Terracotta (dyed) Have terracotta
Cyan Dye Have lapis lazuli
Item Frame Have leather
Magma Block Have magma cream
Nether Brick Fence Have nether bricks
Red Nether Brick Have nether wart
Enchantment Table Have obsidian
Book Have paper
Sea Lantern Have prismarine crystals
Red Sandstone Have red sand
Purple Dye Have rose red
Sandstone Have sand
Concrete Powder Have sand or gravel
Blast Furnace Have smooth stone
Chiseled Stone Bricks Have stone bricks
Grindstone Have stone slab
Chest Have ten slots occupied in the inventory
Shulker Box Have a shulker shell
Planks Have the appropriate log
Mossy Cobblestone Have vines
Bread Have wheat
Dyed Wool Have white wool
Painting Have wool

Data values[edit]

Player data[edit]

  • Player.dat root tag
    •  recipeBook
      •  recipes A list of all recipes the player has seen.
        • : the name of a recipe, for instance minecraft:gold_nugget or minecraft:gold_ingot_from_nuggets
      •  toBeDisplayed A list of all recipes the player has unlocked, but not viewed in the crafting helper yet.
        • : the name of a recipe, for instance minecraft:gold_nugget or minecraft:gold_ingot_from_nuggets
      •  isFilteringCraftable: 0 or 1 (true/false). True if the player has enabled the "Show Craftable" feature in the crafting recipe book.
      •  isGuiOpen: 0 or 1 (true/false). True if the player has the crafting recipe book GUI open.
      •  isFurnaceFilteringCraftable: 0 or 1 (true/false). True if the player has enabled the "Show Smeltable" feature in the smelting recipe book.
      •  isFurnaceGuiOpen: 0 or 1 (true/false). True if the player has the smelting recipe book GUI open.


Java Edition
October 30, 2015Developers discussed the possibility of a recipe book during a Pocket Edition/Windows 10 Edition Q&A livestream.
September 25, 2016At MineCon 2016, Tommaso Checchi explained the need for a recipe book while discussing the unification of the desktop and pocket platforms.
1.12March 23, 2017Maria Lemón revealed the new recipe book feature.
17w13aAdded the recipe book.
17w14aChanged the icon on the trigger button from a standard book to a knowledge book.
Added a shift-click ability to the recipe book that puts all available materials in the crafting grid.
Added a new pop-up notification that appears when new recipes are unlocked.
Added an easter egg that appears when searching for "excited" within the recipe book.
17w15aThe icon in the pop-up notification now quickly cycles through all recipes that were unlocked.
17w17aOptimized the recipe book.
Added the toBeDisplayed NBT tag, which stores recipe names that the player has unlocked, but not viewed in the crafting helper yet (used for the animation for new recipes).
17w18aOptimized recipe book, fixing several issues with the "Show craftable" option.
The word that triggers the easter egg is now "excitedze" rather than "excited".
pre1Further optimizations to the recipe book.
pre3Optimized recipe searching.
pre6Further optimizations to searching, especially while using mods.
releaseAdded toast sounds.
Bedrock Edition
1.2.0beta the recipe book.
beta a button for how to use the recipe book.
beta a button to open/close the recipe book.


  • If the player searches for "excitedze" in the recipe book, the language switches to Pirate Speak.[3]
    • This is a reference to "ExcitedZE", an alias used by Maria Lemón, whose avatar is a pirate.


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