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This page contains content on features that may be included in the next update.
These features have appeared in development versions, but the full update containing these features has not been released yet.
A raid health bar.

A raid is a group of illagers that spawn in villages when a player with the Bad Omen status effect enters.


Raids spawn near villages any area with at least one valid bed and a villager (or villager_v2‌[Bedrock Edition only]) when a player with the Bad Omen status effect enters. This status effect is obtained when a player kills an illager captain which can be found at pillager outposts or in illager patrols (the mob wearing the illager banner).

In Java Edition, if a player kills more captains and stacks the effects of Bad Omen, more types of illagers will spawn in the area; ravagers spawn starting at wave 2 (with pillagers riding on top of them), witches starting at wave 4, and evokers starting at wave 10. Patrol captains give 1–3 Bad Omen levels when killed. Outpost captains always give 1 level only. These effects also stack to spawn more difficult raids.

In Bedrock Edition, the Bad Omen effect does not accumulate by killing more captains. The raid always has seven waves. Vindicators spawn starting at wave 2, ravagers starting at wave 3, witches starting at wave 4, and evokers starting at wave 5.



Upon entering a village, the effect will immediately go away and a red bossbar with the name "Raid" will appear. The bar will begin to charge up, and once it stops, will go down for every mob killed. When there are less than three mobs left, it will show how many there are. Before every wave begins, a horn-like sound will play to indicate that it has started, also a ringing bell sound can be heard. For every level of Bad Omen, two waves of illagers will spawn, up to a maximum of 10 waves for level 5 Bad Omen and above‌[Java Edition only]. Each wave gets subsequently larger with more illagers (and witches) spawning, as well as more varied in the types of illagers that spawn. The wave also determines what will spawn, depending on what wave is currently active.


Illagers not spawned by a raid may join a wave in a raid and be counted by the bossbar. (e.g an illager patrol spawns near the raid.) Illusioners, despite being unused mobs, can also join the raid and behave as such. Illager captain are unused in Bedrock Edition.


When a wave captain is killed, other illagers in the raid will try to pick up the banner dropped by the previous leader; the illager that picked up the banner will be the new wave captain. If a player kills the patrol captain while in a village, they will not get the status effect. The captain is always a vindicator upon spawning‌[Java Edition only].

Raid group[edit]

When a raid begins, the event will spawn mobs 0-52 blocks away from the village in which the raid takes place. Raids can spawn in any biome and in any dimension. The mobs spawned will arrive in groups, wave after wave. The following mob groups can appear in each wave.

Java Edition[edit]

Ravagers spawn starting at wave 2, although each wave has a 50% chance of a Ravager spawning. Starting at wave 4, a witch will always spawn at the back of the group and some of the pillagers can spawn with enchanted crossbows. At wave 5, vindicators can spawn riding on top of ravagers, and they outnumber pillagers in the subsequent waves. Any pillagers that spawn will always have enchanted crossbows. At wave 10, an evoker will always spawn and often race ahead of the group.

Bedrock Edition[edit]

Number of mobs in each wave
Wave 1 Wave 2 Wave 3 Wave 4 Wave 5 Wave 6 Wave 7
Pillagers 4 3 3 4 5
Vindicators 2 4 2 6
Ravagers 1 1
Witches 3 1 1
Evokers 1 1 2
Pillager riding ravager 1 1
Evoker riding ravager 1


If the village being attacked by a raid no longer registers as a village (i.e. all villagers were killed or all beds were destroyed), the raid will end. In Bedrock Edition, if all illagers are killed in the final wave, the player receives the Hero of the Village effect. In the event that none of the villagers survive the raids, the player receives the Bad Omen effect again. Raids won't end if there is at least 1 baby villager, due to illagers being unable to attack baby villagers and destroy beds.


In Bedrock Edition, pillagers and vindicators that spawn from raids additionally can drop:

  • 0-1 Emerald (up to 4 with looting III)

And has ?% chance to drop one of these items:

  • 2-3 Emerald (up to 6 with looting III)
  • 4-5 Emerald (up to 8 with looting III)
  • Enchanted Book (enchantment level 30)
  • Iron Sword (will be badly damaged, can be enchanted with random enchantment)
  • Iron Helmet (will be badly damaged, can be enchanted with random enchantment)
  • Iron Chestplate (will be badly damaged, can be enchanted with random enchantment)
  • Iron Leggings (will be badly damaged, can be enchanted with random enchantment)
  • Iron Boots (will be badly damaged, can be enchanted with random enchantment)
  • Iron Axe (will be badly damaged, can be enchanted with random enchantment)
  • Iron Pickaxe (will be badly damaged, can be enchanted with random enchantment)
  • Iron Shovel (will be badly damaged, can be enchanted with random enchantment)


During a raid, villagers will not trade until the raid is over. If the player attempts to trade with them, they emit sweat particles. Villagers will also run inside their houses as if it were to be nighttime or a storm.


Witches when in a raid will often help other illagers if they are low on health by splashing a regeneration potion or healing. The witches will also attack villagers and throw harmful potions at them.‌[Java Edition only] In Bedrock Edition, witches spawn during raids only attacking the player and iron golems.


PillagerFace.png VindicatorFace.png EvokerFace.png VexFace.png WitchFace.png RavagerFace.png IllusionerFace.png
Pillager Vindicator Evoker Vex (Spawned by Evoker) Witch Ravager Illusioner (Has code for spawning in raids, despite not being in them)

NBT structure[edit]


Upcoming Java Edition
1.14 18w47a Added raids.
18w49a There are now two waves per Bad Omen level.
Players now have to complete a wave before the next one starts.
The raid boss bar will now slowly fill up when a raid is triggered or when a wave is cleared.
18w50a Patrol captains now give 1–3 bad omen levels when killed. Outpost captains always give 1 only.
Captains can now spawn at outposts.
Ravagers start at wave 2, witches at wave 4, evokers at wave 10.
Upcoming Bedrock Edition
1.11.0 beta Added raids, available only through experimental gameplay, which is unused at this time and uses a pink boss bar color.
beta Raids can now be triggered by the player, making them no longer unused.
A bell ringing sound can now be heard during raids.
beta Players will now get the Hero of the Village effect after completing raids.
beta Players will now get Bad Omen if no villagers survive a raid.
beta Message now appear when raid expires after 2-3 in game days.


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