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Programs and editors/header

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This template is used to generate a consistent table format on the Programs and editors subpages. Table rows should be generated with the Programs and editors/entry template. Note that the ":Programs and editors" prefix is necessary, as this template is not a subpage of the pages it is used on.


This template only has one parameter, {{{1}}}, which contains the table content using {{ :Programs and editors/entry}}.


{{:Programs and editors/header|
{{:Programs and editors/entry
| name = Example 1
| author = Author
| image = Example.png
| platform = {{OS|win|linux|mac}}
| programming language = C++
| version = Latest Version
| Last Updated = Date last updated
| source available = Yes/No, license types
| minecraft version = [[Java Edition 1.14]]
| forum = http://www.minecraftforum.net/viewtopic.php?f=25&t=26659
| website = http://google.com
| notes = Description goes here.


Name Description Date Platforms Link Latest Compatible Release Source available Programming language Author

Example 1

Description goes here. ? WindowsLinuxmacOS



Java Edition 1.14 Yes/No, license types C++ Author
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