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If you're having problems running Tectonicus, or you think you've found a bug then please read this page in order in order to properly report your problem.


Things to check[edit]

Make sure you check these before reporting a problem:

  • Are you using the latest version? (check the forum thread for a newer version) (todo: instructions on how to check version number)
  • Have you got java installed? (todo: instructions on how to type 'java -version' and see what is installed)
  • Have you double checked your file paths? 99% of errors are misspelt paths or missing spaces in paths, or failing to surround paths with spaces in with "quotes"

Things to report[edit]

Make sure you include all of the information below when you submit a bug report or problem:

  • Your operating system (e.g. Windows XP)
  • Your java version (type 'java -version' at the command line)
  • The version of Tectonicus you are using
  • The complete log file, TectonicusLog.txt which is created in the folder you ran it from
  • The exact command line you used
  • The exact config file you used
  • The exact location of your minecraft world you're trying to map
  • A complete sequence of steps you performed

Describing your problem[edit]

Things to include when you're describing your problem:

  • What you were trying to do (e.g. create a cave renderer)
  • What didn't go according to plan (e.g. no images were generated, or no html file generated, or opening the html in a browser shows a white screen).

Submit a report[edit]

Please post bug reports and feature requests to the Tectonicus Issue tracker.