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Name Description Date Platforms Link Latest Compatible Release Source available Programming language Author


PixelStacker is a pixel art generator that comes with a GUI. It allows a user to easily generate double layer pixel art out of Minecraft blocks. 2018-10-20 Windows


Java Edition 1.13.2 No C# Taylor Love


Reads in a 3D model file and converts it to building plans or .schematic import file for MCEdit. Note that this program is never out of date, since it does not rely on any Minecraft game data. 2012-11-11 WindowsmacOSLinux



Java Edition 1.8 Partially: version 0.4 C++ Patrick Min

Minecraft Book Editor

Create books for minecraft. You can either write them out yourself, or use the quick import option which allows you to import a plain text document into the program.

The text file is formatted for the minecraft book, and multiple pages are created if needed. You can then save the book directly into a players inventory. Just find the player data file, select the inventory slot you want the book placed into and then click save.

2014-06-04 Windows


Java Edition 1.7.9 No C# tertrih


Create rotating footage of your builds and export to video later using ffmpeg. 2015-08-30 WindowsLinuxmacOS


Java Edition 1.8 Yes Python Martyn96

Online schematic creator and editor. 3D Minecraft like rendering using HTML5 WebGL canvas. Includes powerful building tools like brushes and selection and even allows for custom tools! Also features gravity, hit detection and lots more! No downloads necessary! 2016-09-03 Crossplatform (Web-based)


Java Edition 1.11 Yes Javascript inHaze

Daedalus Young's Unofficial Minecraft Map Reader

Online tool, so works on any OS. Reads a map_[x].dat file and outputs it to a regular PNG image. Simply upload the desired dat file using the easy form. Useful for servers to display maps on their website, for example. Only reads maps, cannot write. 2013-10-27 WindowsLinuxmacOS



Java Edition 1.7.9 No PHP Daedalus Young

MCI Fireworks

Adds Fireworks to your Singleplayer Inventory 2014-01-07 Windows


Java Edition 1.7.4 No Delphi Stucuk

Mcmeta Animation Editor

A program to create and edit minecraft texture animations with an easy to use user interface. Can save animations to .gif images. 2013-08-24 WindowsmacOSLinux


Java Edition 1.8 No Java Sanguium


Keep track of time while playing PvP games such as UHC or while casually mining in PvE. 2016-10-04 WindowsLinuxmacOS


Java Edition 1.10.2 Yes Java Akkarin

Minecraft Font Editor

Create minecraft fonts for use in resource packs. Load in the picture minecraft uses to display its text, and edit it using MinecraftFontEditor. You can then copy it into your resource pack folder. Once you load your resource pack in minecraft, it will load your new font. 2014-07-18 Windows


Java Edition 1.7.10 No C# tertrih

Minecraft Heads

Largest database for decorative heads in minecraft. More than 2,000 player heads (for all minecraft-versions) as well 20,000 custom heads (minecraft 1.8+) can be found there. Additionally, there's an editor to create and submit give-codes yourself. 2015-07-13 Crossplatform (Web-based)


Java Edition 1.8 No C# LordRazen

MClastlogin decoder/recovery

This displays the decoded login credentials stored in the file named "lastlogin" in your minecraft folder. It does not hack your account or share the credientials in any way. The Yggdrasil authentication system in Launcher v1.0.1 deprecated the lastlogin file. 2013-01-09 Windows macOS Linux



Java Edition 1.5.2 (Launcher v1.0.0) No Java May0 (chocolatkey)


Simple switching between different minecraft versions. 2011-11-20 Windows macOS Linux


Java Edition 1.4.6 No Python Quintinity


mcStats creates statistics for the server, like overall online-time of users, number of logins and so on.

Windows not tested, but should also work.

2014-04-04 WindowsmacOSLinux



Java Edition 1.7.5 Yes python 85pando

Minecraft Command Generator

Takes the guesswork out of working with a Command Block. 2013-09-24 WindowsmacOSLinux


Java Edition 1.7.2 No .NET ThatBenderGuy

Minecraft Custom RAM Expansion

Increases Minecraft's RAM usage. This program is never out of date, as it does not rely on any game data. 2012-04-29 Windows


Java Edition 1.4.5 No Batch ChrisPerson

Minecraft Map Item Editor

Minecraft Map Item Editor allows you to import your own pictures on to minecraft map items. It allows you to edit and view your minecraft map items. It also allows you to export minecraft map items as bitmaps. 2012-02-01 WindowsmacOSLinux


Java Edition 1.7.4 No C# tertrih
Mcnbs pic1.png

Minecraft Note Block Studio

Lets you compose Note block music that you later can import into Minecraft using .schematic files. You can also import music from MIDI songs and edit songs already made in Minecraft.

For the open sourced version, see Open Minecraft Note Block Studio

2012-04-01 Windows


Java Edition 1.2.4 Yes Game Maker (GML) David "Davve" Norgren
Mcnbs pic1.png

Open Minecraft Note Block Studio

Lets you compose Note block music that you later can import into Minecraft using .schematic files. You can also import music from MIDI songs and edit songs already made in Minecraft. 2019-01-22 Windows


Java Edition 1.14.1 Yes [1] Game Maker (GML) Hielke

Minecraft Save Seed Reader

Reads the seeds from your save files, so you can regenerate your original worlds. Can now switch worlds between Creative and Survival. 2012-05-31 WindowsmacOSLinux



Java Edition 1.2.5
(Redundant as of 12w37a)
Yes Java Chris Iverson

Minecraft Server Properties Configurator

A much more convenient way of dealing with the standard of a traditional Minecraft server. Allows you to save and load your configurations to easily switch between worlds, and even includes some basic server backup and worldfile seed reading capabilities. 2012-03-04 WindowsmacOSLinux


Java Edition 1.2.3 No Java ret_nl

Minecraft Structure Planner

The Structure planner allows anyone to quickly and easily create a variety of structures for construction in-game. Structures are defined using a simple set of numeric fields, texture drop-downs, or option check boxes, and the results are then displayed as a height map, a layer-by-layer plan, and a fully interactive 3D projection. As well as the parameterized structures, the application also allows you to create Freeform structures, as well as computer-assisted Pixel Art designs. Structures can be exported in a variety of formats including the MCEdit schematic format for inclusion directly into your world. Layer-by-layer construction plans can be printed to paper or file for easy distribution. 2011-6-29 WindowsLinuxmacOS



Java Edition 1.3.2 No Java LankyBrit

Minecraft Version Changer 1.6

Changes the version of Minecraft legally, easy and very fast without the need to use the command line. (Unrelated to KodekPL's MVC) 2013-02-07 WindowsmacOSLinux



Java Edition 13w06a No Java RsMusicRs

Minecraft Version Changer 1.1

This the easiest way to change your version of Minecraft or Downgrade Minecraft server! And you can make backup using it. 2012-02-08 Windows


Java Edition 13w06a No C++ KodekPL
MCvS Splash.png

MineCraft Version Switcher

A simple version switcher (Requires that you have saved outdated versions). Offers a back up of current version and launches Minecraft on switch. 2011-10-13 Windows


Java Edition 1.3.2 Yes[2] AutoHotKey HillDragon


Standalone Linux OS distribution aimed at running a Minecraft server (only). 2012-05-30 Linux



Java Edition 1.3.2 Yes Python William Dizon


Standalone Linux OS distribution aimed at running a Minecraft server (only). 2012-01-01 Linux



Java Edition 1.3.2 Yes Python Phant0mX


mineRCON is a simple Java client for Minecraft's version of the RCON protocol, which allows you to issue multiplayer server commands (like give, kick, and list) without having access to the server console itself, or even being on the same computer. 2012 WindowsmacOSLinux


Java Edition 1.2.3 No Java ret_nl

Mordritch's Javascript Redstone Simulator

Runs in your browser, no plugins needed. Supports saving and loading .schematic files. Simulates pistons, repeaters, doors and other redstone blocks. Multiview editing, see both the side and top view at the same time. Save your schematics using shareable links on the web site. 2012-09-24 Crossplatform (Web-based)


Java Edition 1.3.2 Yes Javascript Mordritch


Allows you to edit every file in the NBT format, and thus edit inventory, entities, and world attributes. Works with Mono under linux (you need the package mono-winforms, too) 2010-05-16 Windows


Java Edition 1.2.5 No C# copyboy


NBTExplorer is a low-level graphical NBT data editor similar to, inspired by, and based on NBTedit. The key difference is NBTExplorer's full support for Minecraft .mcr region files, and a directory-tree interface for easily exploring multiple worlds. 2013-02-06 WindowsLinuxmacOS


Java Edition 1.7.10 (and almost all other MC versions) Yes C# jaquadro

Perfect Sphere

Generates blueprints for creating spheres and ellipsoids in the game using blocks. 2010-10-19 Windows



Java Edition 1.3.2 Yes C# distantcam
Circuit Designer.png

Redstone Circuit Designer

A attractive looking Redstone designers tool which can be run inside a browser. 2012-08-06 Windows


Java Edition 1.2.5 Yes MMF2 RevolutionalRedstone

Redstone Display Maker

A program where you can create animations with up to 32 frames that you can import into Minecraft as redstone displays. 2011-06-17 Windows


Java Edition 1.1 No Game Maker (GML) Davve

SpL Editor

level.dat editor for Singleplayer, aimed at the convenience and multiplatform support.

Features: Worlds directory autodetection, Worlds ordering according to last access time, Switching between dimensions, Input correction, Hotkeys support

2012-01-26 WindowsmacOSLinux


Java Edition 1.2.5 Yes Java Galaran


Spritecraft is an easy-to-use independent Java application that allows you to load virtually any image and convert it into an image of Minecraft blocks. Allows you to specify which blocks to use, how many blocks to use for height/width, and supports custom texture packs (even high-res ones!). Great for creating pixel art in Minecraft! Now supports exporting schematic files so that you can bring your creations straight into MCEdit or similar! 2011-05-14 WindowsmacOSLinux



Java Edition 1.2.4 No Java diamondPants

Modpacking Easier

With this simple and easy to use Tool you can create Modpacks faster and easier. 2014-08-05 Windows



1.14.4 No CMD Wecoarts
Win10 Texture Pack Launcher 1.0.4.png

Texture Pack Launcher

Allows users to use custom texture packs in the Win10 Edition of Minecraft and bypasses Windows 10 file integrity checking. 2016-05-11 Windows



1.12.1 Yes C++ & C# jocopa3
Universal Minecraft Editor.png

Universal Minecraft Editor

Edit all the data stored in your world. Works for Xbox 360, PS3, Wii U, PC (Java), PE, and Windows 10 Edition. 2017-06-16 Windows


1.14.4 No C++ oPryzeLP

Pocket OptiFine HD

Optimize and boost FPS by changing graphics and adding new items to the settings. Useful on slower phones and tablets. Compatible with all versions. 2017-08-14 Android



Pocket Edition Yes Java DAARKZP4