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Modmemc 1.13-001

Modmemc is a minecraft launcher, There you can Install mods and add modpacks.

Download it Here

What is this?[edit]

Modmemc is a minecraft launcher. You can add mods to it, but it won't break the minecraft you have now, because you can have more minecraft folders and it install mod automatically for you. (multiple installations of minecraft and install automatic mods)

This program run on .NET Framework! (Download .NET Framework here)

How to install[edit]

  1. It only works on Windows xp/vista/7/8! (Mac and Linux will come soon)
  2. First check if you have .NET Framework (Download .NET Framework here).
  3. Download modmemc installer.exe[1]
  4. Open Modmemc installer.exe and follow the instructions there.
  5. Open Modmemc and enjoy it.