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Name Description Date Platforms Link Latest Compatible Release Source available Programming language Author

Craften Terminal

Craften Terminal is a software designed to install various mods at ease. Also you get the choice to select between different minecraftversions.

Craften Terminal contains more than 1000 mods and shaders.
This software can be downloaded over here Available mods can be seen here

2015-03-09 Windows



Java Edition 1.8.3 No C# Wertarbyte GbR

Minecraft Modinstaller

Install over 280 different mods for all Minecraft versions easily and fast...

Simply choose your favorite mods from a carefully selected mod list and start the installation. An English detailed description with Full HD pictures helps you to choose the mods you like.
The installer unpacks archives autonomous, downloads mods from the Internet automatically and installs them at the proper place (including the Minecraft Forge)
Then you can start Minecraft easily and rejoice over your new mods!

2016-2-3 WindowsmacOSLinux


Java Edition 1.9 Yes Java


MCPatcher is a tool that allows you to install mods into minecraft, create backups and add full support for HD and semi-HD texturepacks. 2014-06-27 WindowsLinuxmacOS


Java Edition 1.7.10 Yes Java Kahr
Mca cut.png

The MCAnimator

Create models, texture and animations for your mod!

Easy and fast to use, MCAnimator lets you create animated and textured models that you can add into your mod.
Complitely written in Java, it has many tools to accelerate your creation time.
It doesn't have bugs and it is well documented with many tutorials!

2015-02-24 WindowsmacOSLinux


Java Edition 1.8.1 No Java DD-Studios

Kovacic's Mod Pack

Ever wanted an easy way to install Minecraft Mods? This Mod Pack comes with more mods, maps, and texture packs than you could ever want, and it even comes with a handy installer that makes modding a piece of cake! Works for both Windows and Mac! 2014-04-04 WindowsmacOS


Java Edition 1.7.9 Yes Java Kovacic


Live_ModList lets you download & install mods automatically from the list provided & with multiple version support & mod authors can update their mod on the list live without the program needing to update. 2013-10-13 WindowsLinuxmacOS


Java Edition 1.7.2 No Java blockout22

Magic Launcher

The Magic Launcher is a new Minecraft launcher which can load mods dynamically without changing or patching the minecraft.jar.

No more mod installation problems, just select your mods and enjoy.

? WindowsmacOSLinux


Java Edition 1.7.4 No Java sp614x
MCModInstaller 107.jpg


MCModInstall is an automated utility to take the 'work' out of installing mods manually. It is

still quite early in development but will improve over time. It can install/uninstall mods compressed with either ZIP or RAR format.

2012-10-20 Windows



Java Edition 1.5.2 Yes Java zonemaster60

Minecraft Coders Pack

A utility which decompiles Minecraft and the official Minecraft Server, renaming classes, fields and methods to be useful to modders. 2014-06-26 WindowsmacOSLinux


Java Edition 1.7.10 Partial - some 3rd party tools are provided which are closed source. Python MCP Team


MCManager is an easy way to install ModLoader mods, LiteLoader mods, texture packs, save files, minecraft.jar files, and preform many other useful functions. 2012-11-18 macOSLinuxWindows



Java Edition 1.4.7 Yes Python Lucas Phillips

MCP Mapping Viewer

MCP Mapping Viewer is a Java GUI application that allows you to easily navigate through the MCP obfuscation data used during the decompilation process. The only requirement to use it is an MCP folder. 2013-11-14 WindowsLinuxmacOS


? Yes Java bspkrs

Minecraft External Modloader

Loads Mod-Files from an external folder. Does not modify any .jar file. Starts Minecraft with the regular Launcher. 2013-01-13 WindowsLinuxmacOS



Java Edition 1.5.2? Yes Java MaPePeR

Minecraft Mod Mover

Minecraft Mod Mover moves your .minecraft folder around with others, so you can have different mods that aren't normally compatible 2012-02-24 Windows


Java Edition 1.2.5? Yes C# trecneps

Minemod Omni Tool

Minemod Omni Tool is like an swiss knife for Minecraft. It allows you to automatically install,uninstall and temporarily disable mods.It also checks for compatibility. ? Windows


? No C# thelegendaryblah

The Modding Table

This software can create mods on your command. It can only create items and blocks, but it will soon be possible to craft more . The 1.2 version is available in French and in English. 2012-09-22 WindowsmacOSLinux



Java Edition 1.3.2? Yes Java CraftYourMod


Custom Minecraft Launcher which allows having multiple Minecraft installs simutaniously. It also allows for very easy install of Mods (jar mods, modfolder mods and Forge Coremods) and texturepacks. Furthermore you can downgrade your minecraft to any older version. Another feature is the ability to export so-called config packs. Its a zip file containing all configs and a mod list. This file can then be imported somewhere else (for example by a friend) ? WindowsmacOSLinux



All Yes C++ Peterix

ROFL's Mod Installer

ROFL's Mod Installer is the simplest mod installer that can install multiple mods at a time. 2012-12-9 Windows



Java Edition 1.4.5 No VB .Net ROFLCopter64bit
Minecraft Mod Installer.png

SGSoft Mod Installer

Mod Installer takes all the pain out of installing mods and adds the minemod format to make sure mods are up to date 2011-12-21 Windows


Java Edition 1.3.2? Yes VB .Net Starry_guy

BlockLauncher Pro

Program for semi-automatic installation of mods, maps, textures and other add-ons for Minecraft Pocket Edition on Android. Compatible with .modpkg, .js and .zip file formats, and all versions of the game. 2018-03-09 Android


Pocket Edition v1.? Yes Java Zhuowei Zhang