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David Norgren



Written in

GameMaker: Studio

Latest version



2011-10-18 (version 3.3.4: 2018-01-31)


8 MB



Source available


Compatible with

Java Edition 1.12 - Java Edition 1.13.2


Site Forum

The Minecraft Note Block Studio is a fan-made, external music editor for Minecraft. With it, users can compose complex note block songs without redstone knowledge, though some minor musical instrument knowledge is required. In the software, the range of the note blocks can go far beyond the 2 octaves allowed in Minecraft and custom instruments may be added from sound files.

The program supports MIDI (Musical Instrument Digital Interface), both from input files (.mid files) and from connected electronic keyboards. Songs can be exported into .mp3 files and converted into .schematic files, that can be imported into a Minecraft world using MCEdit.

Many members from the Minecraft community have created songs that you can view and download by clicking the link below.

More information can be found in its Minecraft Forum thread, here.

MIDI file compatibility[edit]

Green cells = Compatible
Yellow cells = Partially compatible
Orange cells = Very restricted compatibility

MIDI file format Channel modes Drum kit layout
GM (1991) 10 = drums
1-9, 11-16 = normal
GS (1991) 10 = drums
1-9, 11-16 = normal
47(GM) + 14
XG (1994) 10 = drums
1-9, 11-16 = choice
47(GM) + 22 different from GS
GM2 (1999) 10, 11 = drums
1-9, 12-16 = choice
47(GM) + 14 same as GS
MT-32 (1987) 10 = drums
2-9 = normal
34 from GM + 33 from GS sound effect kit

MIDI import problems:

  • Tempo can't change in the middle of the song
  • Time signature can't change in the middle of the song