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MineOS CRUX is the official successor to MineOS, a distribution specifically geared towards hosting a Minecraft server. To this end, it comes complete from top-to-bottom with an optimized Operating system, a web-interface for administering your servers (backups, mapping, and more), as well as an array of addons to extend the utility of your server.

MineOS CRUX's main draw to the Admin population is its quick install, high-customization capability, and its likeness to more mainstream server distributions, such as Ubuntu.


How to Install MineOS CRUX[edit]

MineOS CRUX is designed to be installed directly as the sole operating system of a computer, though an effort has been made to continue its reliable operation in virtualized environments. Specific instructions for installing on any of these platforms are outlined on the MineOS CRUX Wiki.


Configuring MineOS CRUX[edit]

The author has created numerous tutorials for common server tasks such as setting up and securing MySQL, allowing RSA-secured logins, using static IPs and changing firewall settings. These tutorials match those of any Linux distribution, but are specifically tailored towards it application in a Minecraft server.

Extending MineOS CRUX[edit]

Many features are usable to lots, but not useful to enough to warrant their inclusion by default, such as VOIP clients (umurmur), or MySQL administration tools (PhpMyAdmin). Due to their relevance to hosting, however, the author has included them as simple addon scripts, which provide zero-configuration installation scripts.

Unique Characteristics of MineOS CRUX[edit]

Many of the unique characteristics of MineOS have been adopted into widescale use, such as ramdisks and rdiff-backup incremental backups. These tools are still readily available in MineOS CRUX.

MineOS CRUX has an exceptionally low memory footprint compared to all other distributions, weighing in at ~25 MB. This means more memory for your server, less used by OS overhead.