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MineOS refers to one of two things, a web-management dashboard designed to simplify Minecraft management and also a distributed ISO running Linux with the web-management dashboard ('webui') pre-installed.


MineOS (microcore) was originally a Linux distribution aimed at creating the smallest possible environment for a Minecraft server to run, retaining all Minecraft customizability and functionality while increasing usability. It was primarily designed at being run within a virtual environment (such as Virtualbox/VMWare) though it can be installed directly as the host OS of a computer as well. It is a fork of the Tiny Core Linux project 'microcore'.

Development has been halted on MineOS (microcore) as of April 2011, but was superseded by MineOS CRUX. A community-driven team forked the original MineOS distribution under the name MineOS+. See the release history.

From December 2012, MineOS continues under the branding "MineOS Turnkey", relegating all OS and kernel design choices to the respective distribution maintainers and simply adding the web-management dashboard to the ISO. Alongside this distribution "MineOS Turnkey" is the github project for MineOS which allows installation to existing Linux installations and BSD. From the creation of the github distributed version of the dashboard, the dashboard has been 100% platform-agnostic.


How to Install MineOS[edit]

Download the official server ISO for your architecture and install the ISO on the platform of your choice, whether Virtual or a bare-bones server. Also, you can see the Official Wiki for how to install onto other distributions, such as Debian, RH, Suse, Arch, BSD, etc.

Usage tutorials can also be found on the author's youtube channel.