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Name Description Date Version Platforms Link Latest Compatible Release Source available Programming language Author


Successor of NBTedit. Has changed hands several times. The last version known to be in the hands of an actual developer, 2.0, appears to have trouble with worlds that were played in 1.7.x 2014-25-01 2.0 Windows


1.8.1 Yes, older version C# Retroundmike

Inside Job

Mac OS X alternative to INVedit. Some items will sometimes appear as unknown, and some items' thumbnails do not match those shown in Minecraft. 2011-03-27 0.11.1 macOS



1.2.5 Yes Objective-C Adam Preble

Minecraft Pocket Edition World Inventory Editor

An inventory editor for Minecraft Pocket Edition for iOS and Android available for Windows, Mac and Linux. 2012-08-11 0.1 WindowsmacOSLinux Alpha 0.3.3 No Java slugrail


An Inventory Editor For Minecraft Pocket Edition 0.14.0 2014-25-01 1.17.6 Android Alpha 0.14.0 Java zhuowei zhang
Universal Minecraft Editor Inventory Quick Mod.png

Universal Minecraft Editor

Edit your inventory for any platform of Minecraft using the Universal Minecraft Editor. As of March 2, 2018, this is the only NBT Editor that supports the newly added Long Array NBT Tag. 2016-16-06 1.2.6 Windows


All C++ oPryzeLP
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