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Programs and editors/Helpers

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Name Description Date Version Platforms Link Latest Compatible Release Source available Programming language Author


Ulticraft is the next generation minecraft companion, designed from the ground up creating a materialistic user interface, with all minecraft items, recipes, and other entities. Ulticraft accesses it's data differently, with methods that create a more simplistic, functional application. May 19th, 2015 4.6.1 (Apr. 31st, 2015) Android



1.8.6 No JAVA/XML/ANDROID Overcode Technologies


MCqRef is the best Reference program out there! With a simple click of a button you can search, create notes, and more! Crafting, Smelting, and Brewing is all in MCqRef! No need to go online to view how to craft something, this program has all of it in its database. This uses information gathered from the Minecraft Wiki. Updated with the Minecraft 1.6 Update items! August 6th, 2013 1.9.2 (Aug. 6th, 2013) Windows


1.6.2 No VB.Net 4.0 MCqTools
Craftbook icon.png


Craftsource is the ultimate guide to crafting in Minecraft! This free utility is great for minecrafters of all levels, from the newest user who is still learning the tricks of the trade, to the most skilled artist looking for inspiration on how to build their next great work! ‎‎2012-11-16 1.4.6 [12.26.12] WindowsLinuxmacOS


1.4.7 Yes Python Suturesoft

Crafting Guide To Minecraft.png

Crafting Guide To Minecraft

This program helps you craft stuff by showing you how to craft them. ‎‎2012-06-18 Windows


1.4.7 No Visual Randoma Programming, inc.


Kubik is encyclopedia about Minecraft with online chat and plugin support. 2012-12-28 2.3 WindowsLinuxmacOS



1.4.6 No Flex Yury Romanov
Screenshot circuitry.png


Mobile app that serves as a full guide to Minecraft. Features a Timer that tells you what time of the day is it. Contains a full recipe list, tips, info about mobs, block IDs, circuits, traps, etc. 2012-08-19 1.4.7 AndroidiOS


1.4.7 No Java and Objective-C Ninja Coders

Minecraft Explorer

Minecraft Explorer is the ultimate companion for any Minecraft player. This free application allows you to:

- Look up hundreds of item recipes - Find out what items do - Explore thousands of online servers - Share servers with your friends

2013-01-24 2.0.2 iOS


1.3.2 No Objective-C 57Digital Ltd
Minecraft Reference Guide.png

Minecraft Reference Guide

The "Minecraft Reference Guide" is a must have for any Minecraft fan. Created by Greenfrogs it has with crafting, smelting and brewing recipes as well as many other things ‎‎2012-02-21 Windows


1.2.3 No Visual Basic ( Greenfrogs
Minecraft kubik win8 big.png


Kubik features all aspects about minecraft: blocks, crafting, smelting, dyes, items, mobs, a watch (minecraft day/night timer), copy-paste interface, Kubik Portal access with plugins and more, built-in update mechanism, built-in feedback system, localization support, shoutbox with Kubik users, plugins system ‎‎2012-09-24 1.0.45 Windows


 ? No Flex Romanov