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Backup Utilities will make sure your saved games stay safe and can restore previously made backups upon errors.

Note: If you are planning on making a new backup tool, please choose a relatively unique and distinctive name.

For dates, please use the YYYY-MM-DD format, as it allows date sorting to work as intended. When adding a new program to the list, please add it according to alphabetical order. Please do not move a program to the top of the list when it is updated, as this breaks alphabetical order (it also makes it so everyone has a chance).

Name Description Date Platforms Link Latest Compatible Release Source available Programming language Author


Backup your worlds and restore with ease - also backup and restore your minecraft .jar file allowing you to revert to different mods & minecraft versions if your favorite server hasn't updated, but you have. 2012-11-26 Windows


Java Edition 1.6.1 No Java Hmmcrunchy


DropCraft is a free way to backup and download your full minecraft directory to dropbox. It is composed of a simple GUI (Windows) that transfer your saves. More info in forum. 2011-10-28 WindowsmacOS


Website [dead link]

Java Edition 1.4.7 Yes VB, Batch Stesm311

Easy World Manager

A simple world manager allowing you to backup/restore worlds. Also has basic editing features like changing gamemodes or changing the player´s position. For forge worlds you can also read the mod list and it will attempt to find the matching curseforge website for it. Installable as mod (1.8 - 1.12) to open it directly in the correct save folder on key press. 2019-01-14 Windows


Java Edition 1.13.2 No Java ErdbeerbaerLP
Fbackup 256.png


FBackup is a freeware backup program, so it backs up more than only Minecraft. It has a special plugin that allows you to back-up Minecraft. 2012-03-28 Windows


Java Edition 1.1 No Delphi Softland


MineCanary is a small little app that will save your "saves" directory and zip it to a folder on your desktop. Use it as a pseudo launcher too, so just open this instead of Minecraft itself. 2015-06-10 macOS


Java Edition 1.8 No ? Apoc


An very easy-to-use Tool to backup your whole Minecraft folder. It also packs it in a ZIP file. Note: Currently only available on PMC. 2016-01-16 Windows


Java Edition 1.8.9 No VB.NET KByte

.minecraft Backup Tool

2012-01-20 Windows


Java Edition 1.1 No ? Peter

kirby0016's Backup Tool

This backup program is as simple as possible. You can create backups of your jar, .minecraft or your worlds and you can restore them separately. It has an easy to use GUI with system look and feel. 2012-07-04 WindowsmacOS


Java Edition 1.2.5 No Java kirby0016

A bash script designed to run as a cron-job, allows for .tar.gz zipping of the world. (Abandonned in favor of Minecraft-Rakefile Server Manager) 2012-07-19 LinuxmacOS


Java Edition 1.8, Server Only Yes Bash CranstonIde

MCBackup 3

MCBackup is a user-friendly, easy-to-use Backup utility for Minecraft. It has multiple useful features, including automatic backup, color coded backups, custom skinning, 22 color schemes and more! It is even translation-ready! Backup your Minecraft with no hassle, all for the amazing price of absolutely nothing! 2015-09-15 Windows



Java Edition 1.8.8 Yes WPF .NET nicoco007


2012-10-21 macOS


Java Edition 1.3.2 Yes Automator lala56bob
MCMyVault 1518.png


Minecraft (MC) Backup Manager and MC utilites launcher (thanks to mcmapDZ and eihort bundled in Windows setup file) to act as a mapper and world viewer. Manager your Minecraft worlds from this single app. Take snapshots of your entire minecraft folder. The backup is stored in a zip file saving some disk space and better portability. Texturepack management (previewing, backup, restore, and deletions), Custom files backup also. 2015-07-03 Windows



Java Edition 1.10.2 Yes C# JPSIII
MCSave Preview.png


MCSave allows you to instantly restore your game to a previous point at any time, ensuring that you never lose an inventory of precious items. It discreetly creates snapshots of your progress as you play and manages them in an efficient list. Whenever you make a mistake or want to undo some action in your game simply open the list of Snapshots from the system tray and select one. MCSave acts as an instant undo button. Never lose an inventory full of diamonds again! 2014-12-16 WindowsmacOS


Java Edition 1.8.1 Yes C# Monochron

MC Sync'n'Backup

MC Sync'n'Backup is a utility that keeps your Single Player Worlds, Multiplayer IPs, Installed Mods, Texture Packs and MC Resources secure. Be prepared to play in just 3 phases! 2011-07-11 Windows


Website [dead link]

Java Edition 1.2.5 No VB.NET David3283
MineBack Wiki.jpg

MineBack (Free)

The first and original (and free) automatic MineCraft backup program. Automatically takes point in time snapshots and allows quick restore to ANY snapshot.

Features: Smart Automatic Backup, Safe Restore, Backup Descriptions, Intuitive User Interface and Archive Backup Cull (see webpage for full details. Site back online)

2013-08-12 Windows



Java Edition 1.9.4 No VB.NET KVKConsultancy

MineBack Ultimate

Skinnable, Custom Color, Windows XP/7/Vista, WPF (Areo/Glass) automatically manages backups of Worlds, ongoing support! Allows you to teleport to the location you where standing in a previous backup without resetting the world blocks!

NEWEST FEATURE: Search NBT Data with real time updated search results

Features: Export World and Mobs to XML, Selective backup Cull, Mob Spawner Placing, Enchantment Editor, Machine Migration Backup, Modder Support,Inteligent Launcher Configuration, Mob Clearing, Launcher, Map Cross Section, Backup Archiving, Anvil, Mapping, Map Editing, Teleport, Automated Block Augmentation, Inventory and Player Location Restore, Hunger Reset, Customisable Sound, Automated Backup (compatible Microsoft OS's supporting WPF and .NET 4.0)

2013-12-22 Windows



Java Edition 1.9.4 No WPF .NET KVKConsultancy

Minecraft backupper by Michal Maršálek

A simple but very useful Minecraft backupper tool made by Michal Maršálek. In Minecraft backupper you are able to set world to backup, a directory where you want to backup your world, an interval in which you want to backup and you can choose if all backups should be kept or if every backup should owerwrite the previous one. It is really easy way to backup your Minecraft world. There is no unnecessary or difficult settings and whole program (so useful program) is only one small window. Please visit program website [1], where you can find more informations. 2013-01-24 Windows


Java Edition 1.4.7 By Request C# Michal Maršálek

Minecraft Backup Assistant

Minecraft Backup Assistant is a free program that backups your Minecraft saves.

It features fast backup, restoring, mapping the backup and more. The oldest backup utility that keeps getting updated.

2011-11-08 Windows



Java Edition 1.4.2 Yes C# omer681
Minecraft BSU 225 1.jpg

Minecraft BSU

Was initially meant as a home project but quickly became a project released to the public. A utility

for backing up and restoring save games and stats with features such as, import and export your own levels, multiple backup profiles, recover login information, reset Minecraft installation, option to save the 'bin', 'mods', 'resources', and 'texturepacks' folders. More to come! Now with the added new feature, AutoSave Backup. Many new features are added on a regular basis as well as bug fixes.

2012-10-20 Windows



Java Edition 1.5.2 Any By Request Java zonemaster60

Minecraft Manager

An in development backup utility. Linux can be compiled from the source in qt4 creator. 2012-02-17 macOSWindows


Java Edition 1.1 Yes C++/QT Astrognome

Patrick's minecraft backup

This is a free minecraft backup tool made with automator, it backups your saves into a backup folder, and even adds the date and time of the backup to the filename. instructions on my website, easy to use. 2012-10-21 macOS


Java Edition 1.3.2 any Yes automator Patrick L


A Simple tiny tool that makes it easier to manage saves from a portable device. Can delete and copy worlds and stats. Select from several check-boxes to copy screen-shots, options, binaries, resources, texturepacks, or overwrite copy. Can open the minecraft folders for you and open My web page so you can easily check for updates! It is also free!!! This program probably still has bugs (none that are currently in the way) and has not been tested much. 2012-01-19 Windows

Website [dead link]

Java Edition 1.2.5 Yes Freebasic Joshua Wiker

Tjb0607's Backup Script

A simple terminal-based backup script that instantly backs up all saves if any changes have been made. 2010-02-10 LinuxmacOS


Java Edition 1.1? Yes Bash Tjb0607