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Release date

May 14, 2009


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rd-20090515 is a version of Pre-classic released on May 14, 2009.[1][note 1] This version is not available in the launcher; attempting to play it downloads rd-161348 instead.


  • Unlike other pre-classic versions, this does not use a "ddhhmm" (day-hour-minute) format, but instead a "yyyymmdd" (year-month-day) format.
  • Renamed "Cave Game" to "Minecraft: Order of the Stone".[2]
  • This version was once removed due to being identical to rd-161348, but later re-added to the launcher. Instead, the launcher now has two identical versions of Pre-classic.[3]
  • This is the only version in pre-classic with natural generation.


Level generation is now more natural.


  1. While the version name implies that it was released on May 15, it was actually released at 10 pm UTC on May 14 (which is midnight on May 15, Sweden time).