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Popped Chorus Fruit

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Popped Chorus Fruit
Popped Chorus Fruit.png


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dec: 433 hex: 1B1 bin: 110110001



Popped chorus fruit is an item obtained by smelting chorus fruit, and used to craft purpur blocks. Unlike raw chorus fruit, the popped fruit is inedible.

Obtaining[edit | edit source]

Ingredients Smelting recipe
Chorus Fruit +
Any fuel

Usage[edit | edit source]

Crafting ingredient[edit | edit source]

Name Ingredients Crafting recipe
End Rod Blaze Rod +
Popped Chorus Fruit
Purpur Block Popped Chorus Fruit

History[edit | edit source]

Official release
1.9 15w31a Added popped chorus fruit. They are used to craft purpur blocks.
15w44b Popped chorus fruit are now used to craft end rods.
Pocket Edition
1.0 build 1 Added popped chorus fruit.
Legacy Console Edition
TU46 CU36 1.38 Patch 15 Added popped chorus fruit.

Issues[edit | edit source]

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