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Polar Bear

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Polar Bear
Polar Bear.png
Baby Polar Bear.png
Health points

30 (Heart.svg × 15)

Attack strength

Adults only
Peaceful: 0 (but still performs attack animation)
Easy: 4 (Heart.svgHeart.svg)
Normal: 6 (Heart.svgHeart.svgHeart.svg)
Hard: 9 (Heart.svgHeart.svgHeart.svgHeart.svgHalf Heart.svg)


Height: 1.4 Blocks
Width: 1.3 Blocks
Height: 0.7 Blocks
Width: 0.65 Blocks


Cold biomes


See Drops



Internal ID

JE: 102
BE: 28

Entity ID


Marsh Davies Mojang avatar.png Bears: adorable at a distance. This is true in Minecraft, just as it is in real life. They may look huggable and furry, but they are full of teeth, and not too fussy about what, or who, constitutes a meal.
Marsh Davies[1]

Polar bears are neutral mobs.

Spawning[edit | edit source]

Polar bears are found in ice plains, ice mountains and ice spikes biomes, in groups of up to two. If there is a group of two there is always only one parent, and the other one is a cub.

Drops[edit | edit source]

When killed, a polar bear has a 34 chance to drop 0–2 raw fish, and a 14 chance to drop 0–2 raw salmon. These are always raw, even if the polar bear is on fire when it is killed.

Like other baby animals, killing a baby polar bear yields no items or experience.

Behavior[edit | edit source]

Polar bears can exist in a passive, neutral, or hostile state. The cubs are passive; adults are neutral, but they will become hostile if attacked. They will also become hostile towards the player if the player gets too close to their cubs. If a cub is attacked, all adults within a 41×21×41 cuboid will become hostile towards the attacker, regardless of difficulty (although in peaceful difficulty, their attacks will do zero damage to players). Attacking an adult who is within a 16×8×16 cuboid of a cub will also provoke other adults within a 21×21×21 cuboid of the attacked adult. Polar bears can be accidentally provoked by other mobs.

Polar bears attack by rearing on their back legs and then mauling down on the attacker with their front paws. Their swimming speed is faster than the player's, making them difficult to get away from if they are attacking.

Polar bear cubs' growth cannot be sped up.

Data values[edit | edit source]

See also: Chunk format

Polar Bears have entity data associated with them that contain various properties of the mob. Their entity ID is polar_bear.

Advancements[edit | edit source]

Icon Advancement In-game description Parent Actual requirements (if different) Internal ID
Adventure Adventure, exploration, and combat Kill any entity, or be killed by any entity. minecraft:adventure/root
Monster Hunter Kill any hostile monster Adventure Kill one of these 22 mobs. Other mobs are ignored for this advancement. minecraft:adventure/kill_a_mob
Monsters Hunted Kill one of every hostile monster Monster Hunter Kill each of these 22 mobs. Other mobs may be killed, but are ignored for the advancement. minecraft:adventure/kill_all_mobs

History[edit | edit source]

Official release
1.10 March 7, 2016 Jeb hints at a neutral mob with a light grey "base texture" color.
April 8, 2016 Jeb tweets a picture of the polar bears.
16w20a Polar bears added.
1.10-pre1 Adult polar bears will jump in water if on fire.
1.10-pre2 Now have sounds: entity.polar_bear.baby_ambient, entity.polar_bear.ambient, entity.polar_bear.death, entity.polar_bear.hurt, entity.polar_bear.step, and entity.polar_bear.warning.
1.11 16w32a The entity ID is changed from PolarBear to polar_bear.
Pocket Edition
1.0 build 1 Added polar bears.
1.1 build 1 The entity ID is changed from polarbear to polar_bear.
Polar bears no longer hurt players in Peaceful difficulty.
Legacy Console Edition
TU43 CU33 1.36 Patch 13 Added polar bears.

Issues[edit | edit source]

Issues relating to “Polar Bear” are maintained on the issue tracker. Report issues there.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • According to Jeb, polar bears were added after his son, Björn, was born. Coincidentally, "björn" is Swedish for "bear".[1]

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References[edit | edit source]