Pocket Edition v0.8.0 alpha build 7

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v0.8.0 alpha build 7 is the sixth build version released for 0.8.0.



  • Moved gray wool in the right inventory slot.
  • Ice is not transparent anymore in the toolbar.
  • Wooden tools can now burn.
  • Added UI message when boarding minecarts.
  • Removed useless D-pad arrows when in minecarts.
  • Powered rails are powered in hand and in the inventory.
  • AI performance improvements.


10 bugs fixed

  • Fixed text input on Android.
  • Fixed spruce and birch leaves being swapped.
  • Fixed furnace side texture.
  • Fixed sandstone slab side texture.
  • Fixed red hurt overlay on skeletons and chickens.
  • Fixed an artifact over the flame in the furnace screen.
  • TNT doesn’t send you into orbit anymore.
  • Fixed armor slots having no health bar.
  • Fixed autojumping while in minecarts.
  • Fixed falling into the ground when exiting a minecart that’s on rails.