Pocket Edition v0.16.1 alpha

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Pocket Edition

Internal version no.

Release date

November 5, 2016

Protocol version


v0.16.1 was released to fix some of the bugs and crashes in v0.16.0. While it wasn’t the last update to v0.16.0, it was the last one before the builds of 1.0.0 started.



24 issues fixed
From released versions before 0.16.0
  • MCPE-11921 – Punching squids while not in the water still make bubble particles
  • MCPE-12259 – hitting ground hard when you fly high distances and back down to ground slowly
  • MCPE-12356 – Snow Golems Do Not look at target mobs.
  • MCPE-12688 – Witch is throwing potions in the sky
  • MCPE-12766 – Mobs turn black after coming outside of dispenser
  • MCPE-14379 – Name Title on Minecraft Windows 10 Creative Inventory Floats over Items
  • MCPE-14791 – Comparators don't activate when they're getting power from detector rails
  • MCPE-15455 – Skeleton Horse Traps Rapid Spawning
  • MCPE-15704 – Power Rail not activating
  • MCPE-16078 – Pistons effecting players differently in LAN-joined worlds
  • MCPE-16091 – Spelling mistake in PistonBlockEntity
  • MCPE-16173 – Chat not working on Xbox live multiplayer
  • MCPE-16491 – Creative Inventory "Tools" tab- Broken Sword Texture
  • MCPE-16497 – You can put some redstone component blocks over fences and walls.
  • MCPE-16609 – Torch Placement Bug
  • MCPE-16766 – Unplugging USB devices causes crash
From 0.16.0 development versions
  • MCPE-17114 – Mob Spawners Work in Light Level Above 12
  • MCPE-17352 – Durability of tools does not get affected by usage.
  • MCPE-17454 – Minecart with Hopper Activator Rail Bug
  • MCPE-17480 – Shears only shear when their durability is 100%
From 0.16.0
  • MCPE-17613 – Crash when trying to rename a map
  • MCPE-17669 – Creepers don't explode when attacking other mobs
  • MCPE-17695 – World Crash with version 0.16 with ios 9.3
  • MCPE-17818 – Item Frame crashes