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Many features have been mentioned for inclusion in the Bedrock Edition.

Note that this page only documents features that were mentioned but are not yet in the game. Features in development versions are described on the parent version page.

World generation

There have been a number of mentioned changes to world generation from the developers. Tomasso had planned a Far biome, found at the edge of finite worlds was going to be implemented in 0.9.0 but was delayed for unknown reasons.[1][2][3][4] He also proposed a unique underworld underground structure[5] and a dream dimension[6], however none of these ideas came to fruition.

Tommaso stated on reddit that he would like to add a "difficulty" number that mobs could have depending on their circumstances, such as resource that it spawns from and weather.[7] This would vary the amount of hostile mobs at night and the amount of resources gained from each biome. He also stated that he would like more biome-specific mobs as well as biomes with specific difficulty/mob distributions.

Many of these ideas were reiterated again at MINECON 2016, where the developers stated they could either port the world generation changes from PC or create a new world generation altogether. They said this new world generation system could have better progression over time with harder biomes further from spawn, more space underground, possibly raising sea level to y=96 and making the terrain less predictable.[8]

In addition, Cave Culling 2.0 is one of the items on Tomasso's to-do list.[4]


At MINECON 2016, the developers mentioned potential future improvements to the controls to make them vector-based, allowing full mouse support on Android and having better in-built controller support.[8]

In addition, at a previous panel, they also mentioned the ability to remap long touch to hardness-based touch (3D Touch) for capable iPhones.[6]

In a Twitch stream previewing the Nintendo Switch version, the developers mentioned that they would like to look into adding motion-controlled aiming, but currently have no plans to add it.[9]

Other world sizes

Tomasso stated on reddit that they may make other limited world sizes available, in addition to the current Old world type (256×256). Mentioned world sizes were 1000×1000 and 10000×10000.[10] The addition of different world sizes was again mentioned at MINECON 2016.[8]

PlayStation 4 version

Mojang and Microsoft have stated that they want to make the Bedrock Edition available for the PlayStation 4, replacing the Legacy Console PlayStation 4 Edition. They are in discussions with Sony, but so far Sony has not approved.[11]

Loading external files on console

Roger Carpenter talked about this in a stream of the 1.2 beta for Xbox One.[12] They would like for the console versions to support the loading of files from external media such as a USB stick. This would allow the use of Add-Ons, custom worlds, skins and resource packs, etcetera, like on the other platforms. However, console companies are worried about "security issues" that this could cause. Other games that loaded content from external media have sometimes been exploited by hackers to run unauthorized code on consoles. If loading Add-Ons from external media is not an option, they will "work it out some other way".

From the Java Edition

The developers have mentioned many features from the Java Edition which will eventually be included in the Bedrock Edition.

Brief mentions

  • MCPE possibly for Google Cardboard[6]
  • Change of GUI button texture[19]
  • Demo/lite version re-release[2]
  • Programming interface[14] - Implemented in the Education Edition
  • Tommaso mentioned adding 3-D grass on grass blocks;[20] although he decided against it as it was expensive and clashes with the style.[21]
  • The following mobs were mentioned in a Q&A session, which although far fetched were tossed around – penguins and wizards (but not spell-casting)[6] - the illusioner implemented in the Java Edition may be considered as a type of wizard
  • Smoother auto-jump/auto-climb[22]
  • Villages generated on swamp biomes with cobblestone roads[23]
  • Frogs[24]
  • Nether pearls[25]


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