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This is the list of features that are available exclusively to the Bedrock Edition.


  • Uses the achievements system instead of the newer advancements system
  • Used to change the way things look in-game.
    • Behavior pack, used to change behavior of entities.
    • Resource pack, have the same usage as with Java Edition, it can also be used to change entity models, but can not be used to change block models.
    • World templates can be used to import a world from outside.
Block Selection
  • Has two block selection there are Highlighted color and show block outline
How to Play/play screen
Loading screen with tips
  • Have two UI there are Pocket UI and Classic UI
    • Pocket UI uses the MATTIS crafting system
Minecraft Marketplace
  • Minecraft Coins
  • Community creations
Mash-up packs
  • Mash-up packs are available:
    • Festive Mash-up 2016
    • Chinese Mythology
    • Fallout
    • Greek Mythology
    • Skyrim
    • Adventure Time
    • Other community mash-up packs
  • Have extra pixels on the skin model.
  • Skin packs are available:
    • Town Folk
    • City Folk
    • Halloween Costumes
    • Biome Settlers Pack 1
    • Holiday Skin Pack 2015
    • Journey To The West
    • Redstone Specialists
    • Story Mode Skin Pack
    • Biome Settlers Pack 2
    • Villain Skin Pack
    • Minecon 2016 Skin Pack
    • Camp Fire Tales
    • Festive Mash-up 2016
    • Strangers "Biome Settlers Pack 3"
    • Power Rangers Skin Pack
    • Chinese Mythology Skin Pack
    • Fallout Skin Pack
    • Greek Mythology Skin Pack
    • Skyrim Skin Pack
    • Other community skin packs
Texture Packs
  • Texture packs are available:
    • City Texture Pack
    • Plastic Texture Pack
    • Natural Texture Pack
    • Fantasy Texture Pack
    • Cartoon Texture Pack
    • Festive Mash-up 2016
    • Candy Texture Pack
    • Other community texture packs
World Templates
  • Redstone Mansion
  • Other community worlds
  • Graphics
    • Anti-Aliasing
    • Fancy Leaves
    • Particle Render Distance
    • Texel Anti-Aliasing
  • Other
    • Lock/unlock day cycle
    • Make old worlds infinite
  • Some of the particles have a different name compared to Java Edition.
  • Exclusive particles:
    • mobflame, burning entities.
    • none
    • terrain
    • trackingemitter


  • Has more game rules:
    • drowningdamage
    • falldamage
    • firedamage
    • pvp
    • showcoordinates
  • Sets the maximum number of players allowed to join a multiplayer game.
  • Transfers player to another server.
  • Replace the functionality of spawn chunk in java edition
  • Used to connect to a WebSocket server which uses command messages to communicate with clients.
Command Format
  • A user interface layer to easily set the teleport, time and weather commands.
  • /tp
    • ^ used for coordinates relative to the direction the player is facing.
    • facing mode to make the target entity face a specified location/entity upon teleportation.
  • fishing_hook is also selectable in commands now.
  • /detect is now its own separate command.


There are many splashes exclusive to the Bedrock Edition.

Splash text Explanation
Ported Implementation! A reference to the port the Java Edition into Bedrock Edition, implementing features through gradual updates.
100% more yellow text! Implementation of Splash text
flowers more important than grass All flowers can be crafted into dyes, while grass remains a mundane junk item.
Dramatic lighting! Implementation of dynamic lighting and/or sunlight shading.
Pocket! Pocket Edition
Touch compatible! Most platforms that play Bedrock Edition use touchscreen.
Annoying touch buttons! A common complaint when people who start playing Bedrock Edition that are experienced with the Java Edition is that the touchscreen controls are awkward.
Uses C++! Bedrock Edition is written in C++.
Almost C++14!
OpenGL ES 2.0+!
Haha, LEL! A variation of the original splash “Haha, LOL!”. Lel is a common phonetic variation on the word lol, originating in the practice of substituting random vowels when using the acronym.
Play Minecraft: PE, Watch Topgear, Get Pig! A variation of the original Splash "Play Minecraft, Watch Topgear, Get Pig!".
Quite Indie!
!!!1! References a common typo when typing in multiple '!'s.
DEK was here
Hmmmrmm. References villagers' sounds.
0xffff-1 chunks
Open-world alpha sandbox! A reference to what Minecraft was advertised as.
Endless! A reference to Minecraft's infinite terrain.
1 star! Deal with it notch!
Ask your mother! May be an alternate to Ask your doctor! or "Ask your parents", a common advice in advertisements that are aimed toward children.
Episode 3! A reference to the popular game series, Half Life 2 and it's unreleased 3rd episode.
Toilet friendly! A mobile game is easier to play on a toilet than on a bulky PC system.
[snapshot intensifies]! A reference to the intensifies meme.
Less polygons!
Now with skins! Reference to the addition of skins in Alpha 0.11.0.
Blame shogchips A reference to this joke site, which allows users to 'blame' bugs on Shoghi Cervantes.
Glowing creepy eyes!
Also try Monument Valley! Monument Valley is a 3D puzzle game based on impossible objects.
MCPE! Abbreviation for Minecraft: Pocket Edition.! When typed in an internet browser, brings you to "1 hour of code".
& Knuckles! Refers to the Sega game Sonic & Knuckles, which could be combined with Sonic 2 and 3 to allow play of the Knuckles character in both games. When this is done, the games become Sonic 2 & Knuckles and Sonic 3 & Knuckles respectively.


  • Graphics are more vibrant and smoother than in Java Edition.
  • Burning mobs emit large particles with fire's animation.
  • At sunset and sunrise, clouds and ambient lighting will turn pink.
  • Water has smooth lighting.
  • The color of water in swamp biomes is a brownish dark-gray color, as opposed to darker blue in Java Edition.
  • Blocks that emit light, such as lit furnaces, lit redstone, glowstone or lava, have less shadows on their sides as normal blocks do.
  • Slabs, stairs, and farmland do not block light.
  • Suffocation animation is different.
  • Animation for entering a Nether portal is different.
  • Player burning animation is different.
  • Lava has a different animation when flowing.
  • Eating animation for animals when feeding them.
  • Some mobs only have an exclusive attack animation.
  • Player sleeping animation is different.
  • Explosion particles are more pixelated.

World generation[edit]

Desert Temple
  • If generated in a ravine or river, the temple's floor will be replaced by the bottom of the ground in a ravine or river, rather than just one block from a TNT shape.
  • If generated in stripe land, it has very tall foundation to bedrock layer, unlike in desert that never has tall foundation if generate with air in the bottom.
End city
  • Doesn't generate end city wall
Far lands
  • The infinite worlds generate Far Lands since X/Z: ±12,550,821, like prior to Beta 1.8 on Java Edition.
    • However, the PE Far Lands generate different structures and biomes.
  • The Stripe Lands are mostly a graphical glitch, however this area has distorted physics:
Huge mushrooms
  • Will generate naturally in swamps.
  • The beds in the igloo are white, magenta or brown, depending on the biome, never red.
  • Polished diorite replace position of polished andesite.
  • Generate with packed ice instead of ice.
  • If generate in stripe lands, it will generate underwater at bedrock layer on the ocean floor, cutting some bedrock arround it and replace bottom bedrock at y 0 by stone brick.
    • oddly, the bed is magenta, instead of white and brown as if generate in ice plains and cold taiga
  • Villager and Zombie Villager spawn in igloo basement is random instead of priest
Old world type
  • Finite, 256x128x256 world.
  • Biomes are shrunked to fit more biomes
  • Generates with a barrier world border.
  • NPC village and desert well are the only Buildings which can generate in this world type.
    • village variants is are only Plains and Desert, and cannot spawn as zombie village.
    • Tall Grass, fern and large fern are generated less.
  • Can be extended with the "make infinite" button.
  • Nether portal can't be activated.
  • End portal can't be activated.
  • Library room's chandelier uses oak fence instead of birch fence.
  • Prison room doesn't generate an iron door or a stone button.
  • Has larger chance to generate under village wells to easily detect without an eye of ender, even when the eye of ender has been added.
  • Number of strongholds able to generate per world is random instead of 128 per world
    • 3 Stronghold generate in a ring centered at 0,0 and other strongholds generate randomly around the world.
Superflat world type
  • Called Flat.
  • Classic preset only, cannot be customized.
  • Has no villages.
  • Blacksmith chests can have ink sacs and emeralds.
  • Acacia logs don't replace cobblestone in savanna villages.
  • Churches and blacksmith buildings in desert villages generate using sandstone instead of cobblestone.
  • Village paths ignore the condition block that replaced it, so grass path can replace most blocks rather than just grass.
Witch Hut
  • Cauldron is filled by a random potion.
  • Chance of splash potion not reduced.
  • 1/2 or 2/3 of the cauldron is filled with a potion.

Blocks & Items[edit]


  • Brown bed generate in igloo generated in taiga, White bed generated in ice plains igloo and magenta bed generate in igloo generated in stripe land at far lands.
  • Appear in 2D model in inventory.
  • The light only takes the color of the highest stained glass and colors can’t be mixed
  • Uproots when a sign is placed next to it
  • Are directional; regular chests won't connect to form a large chest if they are facing different directions.
  • Chests can be placed next to a large chest horizontally, which they can't do on other versions of Minecraft.
  • Generates naturally inside large houses in a village which contain farm loot.
  • Will close and can't be opened when any mobs or player stand on it.
Enchantment Table
  • Gives off a light level of 12.
  • Using bone meal on a one-block-high flower will cause dandelions or poppies to grow around it.
Glowing Obsidian
  • Can only be obtained through inventory editing.
  • Glows at light level 12.
  • Can only be mined using a iron or diamond pickaxe with Silk Touch enchantment.
    • If mined without a iron or diamond pickaxe, it will drop nothing.
    • If mined with a iron or diamond pickaxe without Silk Touch enchantment, it will drop normal obsidian.
  • Packed ice replaces normal ice position in igloo.
Invisible Bedrock
  • Projectiles can pass through it.
  • Leaves a shadow.
  • Looks like a sheet of stone in inventory.
  • In snowy biomes, such as cold taiga, leaves appear frost covered when snowing.
Melon block
  • Breaking a melon with shears will produce the full 9 slices of melon.
Monster Spawners
  • Take slightly longer to mine than in Java Edition.
  • Available in Creative mode.
Nether Brick
  • Has a brighter texture.
Nether Reactor Core
  • Can only be obtained using inventory editing.
  • Can only be mined using pickaxe with Silk Touch enchantment.
    • If mined using a pickaxe without Silk Touch enchantment, it will drop 3 diamonds and 6 iron ingots.
  • Unlike in Java Edition, observers in Bedrock Edition have some blocks that cannot be detected when they receive a block update.
  • Can't detect redstone update.
  • Requires 6.5 seconds to mine instead of 9.4.
Piston and Sticky Piston
  • Requires 1 tick to retract instead of retracting instantly as they do on other versions of Minecraft.
  • Have a thick, broader neck.
  • Can push block entities such as chests and dispensers.
  • When powered with a 1-tick pulse, a sticky piston will not leave the block it is pushing in front.
  • Takes longer time to extend.
  • When depowered while extending, pistons will continue to extend and then retract.
  • Quasi-connectivity (BUD powering) does not exist.
  • Block ID 243, rather than ID 3 with data value 2.
Glass Pane, Stained Glass Pane and Iron Bars
  • Have different inventory icon
Redstone Dust
  • When placed, it has a + shape instead of • even if it is not connected to another redstone component.
  • Does not have quasi-connectivity, meaning many contraptions for the Java Edition have to be altered.
  • Connects to pistons.
  • Can only be obtained through inventory editing.
  • Can be used to safely demolish cacti by clicking on the side of it.
Snow layers
  • Are affected by gravity.
  • Melts gradually in snowless biomes (except in extreme hills).
  • Called "Top Snow" in the inventory.
  • Can be placed inside 1-block tall' plants.
  • Available in creative mode, used for decoration only.
Update Game Block
  • Block obtained from inventory editing.
  • Can be mined with bare hands (similar to dirt).
  • Is affected by smooth lighting.
  • Has a gradient.


  • Have the original bed item texture.
Book and Quill
  • Can hold two pages at the same screen
  • Edit button to change the words per page
Clownfish and Pufferfish
  • Cannot be used to tame ocelots.
Enchanted Golden Apple
Empty Map
  • Can be crafted using nine paper in addition to the recipe used in other versions of the game.
  • An empty map can be used to clone a map in the anvil as well as in the crafting table.
  • Empty maps with compasses have been renamed to Locator Map, to distinguish between empty maps without compasses.
Lingering Potion
  • Lingering Potion of Decay.
    • Applies Wither II effect with a duration of 0.10 sec.
  • Does not show the player's position until a compass is added using an anvil or a crafting table(when using classic UI).
  • Has different color in different Biomes.
  • Zooming out is done using an anvil. Additionally, zooming out can also be done in a crafting table when using classic UI.
  • If a map placed in an item frame is cloned, the location of the map placed in the item frame appears as a green marker whereas the location of the player appears as a white marker when the cloned map is viewed.
  • Player heads appear on maps
Minecart with Command Block
  • Has a repeating command block in it instead of impulse command block.
  • Potion of Decay.
    • Applies Wither II effect with a duration of 0.40 sec.
Splash Potion
  • Splash Potion of Decay.
    • Applies Wither II with a duration of 0.30 sec.
Tipped Arrows
  • Made by using an arrow in a cauldron filled with a potion.
  • Arrow of Decay.
    • Has black pixelated texture.
    • Applies Wither II effect with duration of 0.05 sec.

Mobs & Entities[edit]

All feedable mobs
  • When feeding them, particle effects corresponding to food will appear.
All undead mobs
  • Have no chance to spawn wearing pumpkin and jack-o-lantern during Halloween
  • Glow in the dark.
  • Emits smoke when destroyed.
Cave Spider
  • Has a 1% chance of spawning as a Spider Jockey.
    • If in the Nether, they have a 1% chance of spawning as a wither jockey.
      • This makes it more dangerous, because if the player is attacked, the player will get the Poison effect from the cave spider and the Wither effect from the wither skeleton.
    • If an abandoned mineshaft generates in a snowy biome with a cave spider spawner in view of the sky, cave spiders have a chance to spawn as a cave spider jockey with a stray instead of a skeleton.
Chicken Jockey
  • Doesn't have a zombie villager variant (a baby zombie villager riding an adult chicken).
  • Ordinary chicken jockeys (a baby zombie riding an adult chicken) or husk chicken jockeys (baby husk riding adult chicken) will not spawn as a jockey, but have a 15% chance to want to be a jockey when trying to attack a player, villager, or golem.
  • Normal chicken jockeys have a higher chance to spawn in Bedrock Edition because a baby zombie has 15% chance to want to be a jockey rather than the 5% chance to spawn as one in Java Edition.
  • If the adult chicken that the baby zombie or husk is riding dies or despawns, the baby zombie will not attack the player and will run to the nearest mob that can be ridden to be a jockey again rather than continue attack the player, villager, or golem as on other versions of Minecraft.
  • Baby forms can spawn naturally.
  • Has a smaller explosion area, but the explosive damage is the same as in Java Edition.
  • If holding Trident, it can use it as melee weapon if target is 3 block away or less from it.
  • Has small chance to drop Sponge.
Elder Guardians
  • Is considered a boss mob.
  • Attack Endermen without provocation.
  • Have walking sounds.
Fishing Rod
  • Has a cubic bobber.
  • Have glowing eyes.
Iron Golem
  • Iron Golem spawn egg can only obtained through inventory editing.
  • Can damage Player on any difficulty including Peaceful.
Leash Knot
  • Has better physics
Magma cubes
  • Cores glow in the dark.
Minecart with Command Block
  • Has a repeating command block in it instead of impulse command block.
  • Have changed sound when accelerates.
  • Piglets can spawn naturally.
  • Has an exclusive texture.
  • Color around their faces and patches when sheared correspond to their wool color.
  • Baby sheep can spawn naturally.
  • Its shell can be dyed by using dyes.
  • If holding item besides a bow, skeleton do not use a melee attack, but instead attack the player with arrows as if the skeleton were using bow.
  • If a player shoots a skeleton outside its detection range, then it will temporarily hold up its bow in a shooting position.
  • When their target is closer, skeletons shoot faster, but do less damage
Snow Golems
  • Will not die in a jungle biome.
  • Snow Golem spawn egg can only obtained through inventory editing.
Spider Jockey
  • Has more variants:
    • Spider Jockey: Skeleton riding Spider (ordinary spider jockey).
    • Wither Jockey: Wither Skeleton riding Spider.
    • Stray Spider Jockey: Stray riding Spider.
    • Cave Spider Jockey: Skeleton riding Cave Spider.
    • Wither Cave Spider Jockey: Wither skeleton riding Cave Spider.
      • Can only spawn using cave spider spawn egg in the nether, due to the cave spider having a 1% chance to become a cave spider jockey and skeleton having a 80% chance become wither skeleton.
    • Stray Cave Spider Jockey: Stray riding Cave Spider.
    • Baby zombie Spider Jockey: Baby zombie riding Spider.
      • Has 15% chance to mount spider when try attacking villager, player or golem.
    • Baby husk Spider Jockey: Baby husk riding Spider.
      • Has 15% chance to mount spider when try to attack villager, player, or golem.
    • Baby zombie Cave Spider Jockey: Baby zombie riding Cave Spider.
      • Has 15% chance to mount cave spider when try to attack villager, player, or golem.
    • Baby husk Cave Spider Jockey: Baby husk riding Cave Spider.
      • Has 15% chance to mount cave spider when try to attack villager, player, or golem.
  • Spawns version exclusive baby squids.
  • Spawn only in ocean biomes.
  • Have exclusive sounds when spawning, diving underwater, and dying.
  • Have a small chance having enchanted Iron Sword.
  • The generic villager (Green Robed Villager) or nitwit villager are unused.
  • While opening the trading GUI will trigger an emerald to appear above the villager's head.
  • Have a chance to spawn with enchanted axe
Wither Skeleton
  • Has small chance to wear Armor
  • Stone Sword rarely enchanted.
  • Puppies can spawn naturally.
  • Can hurt player on Peaceful difficulty.
Zombie Villager
  • Zombie villagers wearing armor or holding tools or weapons can't spawn naturally and can only be spawned using mob editing.
  • Does not have a chicken jockey variant (baby zombie villager riding chicken).
  • Zombie villagers that spawn inside igloo basements are random zombie villagers instead of priest zombie villagers.


Some achievements are only available in Bedrock Edition.

Icon Achievement In-game description Actual requirements (if different) Availability Xbox points earned Trophy type (PS)
Xbox PS Bedrock Nintendo

Freight StationUse a hopper to move an item from a chest minecart to a chest.NoNoYesNew 3DS15G

Smelt Everything!Connect three chests to a single furnace using three hoppers.NoNoYesNew 3DS15G

InceptionPush a piston with a piston, then pull the original piston with that piston.NoNoYesNew 3DS20G

Artificial SelectionBreed a mule from a horse and a donkey.YesNoYesNew 3DS30G

Rabbit SeasonCook and eat rabbit meat.NoNoYesNew 3DS15G

The Deep EndDefeat an Elder Guardian.YesYesYesYes30GSilver

Great View From Up HereLevitate up 50 blocks from the attacks of a ShulkerYesYesYesWii U, Switch20GBronze

Treasure HunterAcquire a map from a cartographer villager, then enter the revealed structureNoNoYesNo40G

Organizational WizardName a Shulker Box with an AnvilNoNoYesNo30G

Cheating DeathUse the Totem of Undying to cheat deathHave the Totem of Undying in your hand when you die.YesYesYesWii U, Switch30GSilver

Feeling IllDefeat an EvokerYesYesYesWii U, Switch30GSilver

Let it Go!Using the Frost Walker boots, walk on at least one block on frozen water on a deep oceanYesYesYesWii U, Switch20GBronze

So I Got That Going for MeLead a Caravan containing at least 5 LlamasYesYesYesWii U, Switch20GBronze


Pocket Edition Alpha
Pre-releaseAdded cameras
Added cyan flowers.
Added cold-en oak trees.
0.1.3 Added the “Update Game Block" with 2 variations saying “update!" and “ate!upd".
0.3.3 Removed fire due to spreading issues. It is replaced by .name.
0.5.0 Added the Nether Reactor, and Nether Reactor Core and glowing obsidian as a part of it.
0.6.0 Added the Stonecutter.
0.7.0 .name is no longer obtainable without hacks, due to fire being reimplemented.
0.7.3 Breaking glowing obsidian now requires a diamond pickaxe.
Along with the addition of splashes, there were 17 exclusive splashes added as well.
0.7.5 .name no longer breaks quickly.
0.8.0 build 2 Added beetroots, beetroot seeds and beetroot soup.
The “ate!upd" block now says “update!" correctly.
Glowing obsidian no longer has red outline in hotbar.
.name now breaks quickly.
?Added 2 new exclusive splashes.
0.8.1 .name now takes long to mine, like in 0.7.5.
Added 1 new exclusive splash.
0.9.0 build 1 Removed the camera entity, the cyan flower and the cold-en oak tree.
Original map type now generates the type of terrain from Java Edition 1.7.2, and is now a separate world type.
Added dying and fallen trees.
Added carpet tables and wooden bridges in villages.
0.9.2 Added 8 new exclusive splashes.
0.9.3 .name now breaks instantly.
0.9.5 .name no longer breaks instantly.
0.10.0 Mineshafts now spawn at the surface in mesas.
Gold ore can generate at any level in mesa biomes.
Smooth lighting on water.
New swamp water color.
Huge mushrooms now spawn in swamps.
Added dust particles for falling gravel and sand.
0.10.4 Added 1 new exclusive splash.
0.11.0 build 1 Added baby squids.
Squid produce a black cloud of "ink" when attacked.
Boats can support up to 2 passengers.
Boats are crafted using 5 wooden planks and a shovel.
Boats are controlled using paddles, by pressing buttons on either sides of the screen.
The boat's appearance varies on the type of planks used.
Added grass paths, which are created by tilling a grass block with a shovel.
Grass paths replace the gravel paths in villages.
Cave spiders can naturally spawn with a skeleton jockey.
build 5 Added 3 new exclusive splashes.
build 9 Attacks from burning mobs catches the victim on fire.
build 10 Added Town Folk Skin Pack and City Folk Skin Pack.
0.12.0 Added achievements to Windows 10 Edition with 18 additional achievements.
0.12.1 build 1 The book on enchantment tables glows in the dark.
Snow golems can be built using a jack 'o' lantern as a head.
Leaves in snow biomes appear frost covered.
Snow layers are now affected by gravity, and slowly stack up in layers through snowfall.
Nether Reactor no longer usable.
build 3 Snow Golems can be sheared for pumpkins, when sheared they have the original texture.
build 6 Lava appears more brighter and vibrant.
?Added 1 new exclusive splash.
0.13.0 build 1 Removed the stonecutter - all blocks now crafted using the crafting table.
Powered rails now function as in Java Edition due to the addition of redstone circuits.
Added rabbits with version exclusive properties.
build 2 Obsidian now takes 6.5 seconds to break instead of 3.
0.14.0 build 1 Added camera back.
Added more Jockeys. In total, there are 17 different jockeys in Bedrock Edition.
Added eight additional achievements, bringing the total to 52.
0.15.0 build 1 Pistons have a new animation; piston arm is visibly thicker at the bottom, can push block entities such as chests, and block entities that stick to walls (such as levers) can now be placed on them.
Added Observer block which detects block updates.
Tipped arrows are made by using an arrow in a cauldron filled with a potion.
Added leather horse armor.
Increased amount of total different jockeys from 17 to 25.
Added resource packs, with Plastic and City resource packs
All Windows 10 Edition achievements are now available for Android and iOS.
Added two achievements and two additional achievements, bringing the total to 56.
build 2 Tweaked the rose bush and peony texture.
0.15.7 Added Natural resource pack.
0.15.8 Added Fantasy resource pack.
0.15.10 Added four achievements and five additional achievements, bringing the total to 65.
0.16.0 build 1 Added the Elder Guardian but it lacks a spawn egg. Also, it is considered as a boss mob.
Added Education Edition features.
Added add-ons, which is the behavior pack that is a separation of resource pack.
build 2 Removed Education Edition features.
build 4 Added the Wither.
When at 50% health it spawns 3-4 Wither skeletons around itself.
Has a new animation when created and killed.
Has a new sounds.
Added Beacons, which is opaque.
Added Potion of Decay & Splash Potion of Decay.
Creepers and untamed ocelots now have idle sounds.
build 5 Added open button to villagers if you sneak.
0.16.2 Added Cartoon resource pack.
Pocket Edition
1.0 build 1 Added Shulker mob.
The shell can be dyed by using dyes.
Added End cities. They generate without banners.
Added Lingering Potion of Decay.
Added two achievements and five additional achievements, bringing the total to 72.
Added Elytra, called "Elytra Wings" in inventory.
1.0 Added Festive Mash-up 2016 pack.
1.0.3 build 1 Added Candy Texture Pack.
1.0.4 Added 1 new exclusive splash.
Added Strangers "Biome Settlers Pack 3" Skin pack.
1.0.5 build 1 Added Minecart with Command Block, which has a repeating command block in it instead of impulse command block.
1.0.5 Added Power Rangers Skin pack.
1.0.6 Added Chinese Mythology Mash-up pack.
1.0.7 Added Fallout Mash-up pack.
1.0.8 Added Magic: The Gathering Skin pack.
1.0.9 Added Greek Mythology Mash-up pack.
1.1 build 1 Added colored beds, which uses the original item texture.
Added Woodland Mansions, which the floors uses Oak Planks instead of Birch Planks. Coarse dirt, and banners do not generate.
Enchanted golden apple now called "Enchanted Apple".
Igloos now generate with white bed or red bed depending on the biome.
Leads now have a better physics.
Added new sleeping animation.
Empty maps with compasses have been renamed to Empty Locator Map, to distinguish between empty maps without compasses.
Hardened clay now called "<color> Terracotta".
build 3 Added Minecraft Marketplace.
Cobwebs can now be crafted into 9 strings.
Melon Block now always drop 9 melon slice when using shears.
1.1 Added six achievements, bringing the total up to 79.
Added Skyrim Mash-up pack.

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