Pocket Edition Alpha 0.9.3

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v0.9.3 alpha

Pocket Edition

Release date

Android - July 16, 2014

Other editions of 0.9.3

v0.9.3 alpha was released to fix some of the bugs and crashes in Alpha 0.9.2 on Android.



  • View distance is no longer limited to 3 on Android
  • The game will attempt to recover corrupted worlds
  • Smooth lighting on wool
  • Improved multiplayer performance
  • The game is running faster and free of crashes
  • Improved rendering of fog and chunks


25 bugs fixed

  • Mobs no longer spawn when on peaceful
  • Fixed freezing when joining multiplayer worlds
  • Fixed occasional freezing when respawning
  • Fixed respawning with an invalid height
  • Fix bug with creeper sounds
  • Proper client despawning of entities

From the 0.9.0 development versions