Pocket Edition Alpha 0.9.1

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v0.9.1 alpha
Pocket Edition 0.9.1.png

Pocket Edition

Release date

Android - July 11, 2014
Fire OS - July 11, 2014

Protocol version


Other instances
of 0.9.1

v0.9.1 alpha was released to fix some of the bugs and crashes in v0.9.0 alpha on Android and Fire OS.



13 bugs fixed

  • Fixed a huge memory leak affecting all devices
  • Saving chunks correctly when only block brightness changes
  • Fixed a crash when tapping empty slots in the crafting grid
  • Fixed monster eggs not spawning mobs when difficulty is set to Peaceful
  • Entities on fire don’t crash the game anymore
  • Fixed a potential game lock-up when quitting a world
  • Single core devices will now show the loading screen too
  • Reduced RAM consumption by some ~10 mb
  • Fixed a potential crash with Mob Spawners
  • Fixed a random crash in the movement code
  • Mob spawners save the mob type they have been configured to spawn
  • Fixed a crash on application shutdown
  • Fixed X-Ray glitch