Pocket Edition Alpha 0.8.0

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v0.8.0 alpha

Pocket Edition

Release date

December 12, 2013

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Alpha 0.8.0 added new blocks, items, crops and other features, as well as some changes and fixes.






  • New defaults and changed options:
    • Added far (256 blocks) and farthest (400 blocks) render distances
    • Removed smooth lighting (now always on)
    • Fancy graphics are now always by default on
    • Default render distance is now far



  • Fire and lava now ignite TNT.
  • Redstone ore now drops redstone dust when mined
  • Remade painting rendering
  • Eating particles are shown to look like the food being eaten rather than random pixels from the food.
  • The textures of some blocks are randomly rotated, for a more natural effect
  • Flowers
    • Position on block is now randomized


  • Bone Meal
    • Works like in the Java
    • Can grow ferns and tall grass in survival and Creative
    • Version exclusive: Now grows sugar cane to maximum height
    • Pumpkin and melon stems only grow by one when bone meal is used.
    • Flowers now spawn other flowers when bone meal is used.
  • New bow rendering & animated items
  • Wooden tools can now be used as fuel.
  • Lava buckets can now be placed in furnace to smelt items (100 items)


  • Improved Mob AI System (mobs swim over deep water, and hostile mobs are now more intelligent).
  • Baby animals follow the adult animal of their species.
  • Animals follow the player when holding wheat (cows and sheep), seeds (chickens) or potatoes/beetroot/carrots (pigs).
  • Sheep have the color overlay of its wool around its face and when sheared (iOS only).
  • Increased speed for spiders
  • Version exclusive: New visual effect for burning mobs

Non-mob entities[edit]


  • In Creative mode, players stop burning as soon as they exit fire/lava.


  • Graphics:
    • 3D clouds with new tessellation algorithm
    • Held items are now rendered in 3D, and bob up and down slightly when idle and sway to the side when turning.
    • Lighter colored water, sky, and grass.
      • Water fades to non-transparent in the distance (iOS only)
    • Mipmaps (iOS only)
    • Refactored most of the rendering to use indexed VBOs
      • Remade arrow model
      • Inventory is now rendered using cached VBOs
      • New sky rendering using a triangle fan
    • Separated far and near chunks in two queues for performance reasons
      • Fog only on far chunks
      • Transparency only on near chunks
      • Alpha-test-only layers are hidden in far chunks
    • Lighting:
      • Stencil Shadows
      • Dynamic Java lighting on entities
      • Ambient light tinting on entities
      • Version exclusive: Light direction depends on sunlight direction on entities — affects shadows
  • Other:
    • Mining speed in Creative mode increases at/near mining distance limit (8 blocks per second).
    • New Creative inventory, with four item categories.
    • Hotbar now saves on Creative worlds
    • Items being moved to/from a chest is now correctly rendered.
    • Transparent hotbar
    • Tapping the [...] now closes the inventory while open.
    • Craftable recipes are shown first in the crafting screen.
    • If there is 99+ of an item in the inventory, it now shows the actual quantity in crafting table, rather than 99+.
    • When selecting an item in the inventory, it replaces the one in the selected slot.
    • Changed the flow of the inventory for the armor/crafting screens so that the back button goes back to the inventory.
    • Moved gray wool to the right inventory slot.
    • Ice is not transparent anymore in the hotbar
    • Items that are not supposed to be in the game no longer have a red background in the hotbar or inventory.
  • New app logo
  • Brought most textures from Java
  • New texture atlas and texture generator script


31 bugs fixed

  • Text no longer cuts off on chat screen.

From released versions before 0.8.0

  • MCPE-40: You can never run away from mobs
  • MCPE-169: Saplings aren't Fuel
  • MCPE-728: Wrong dark leaves texture
  • MCPE-1068: White line appear in pocket edition
  • MCPE-1353: Stonecutter, Quartz Block, Melon (Block) and Melon Seeds show wrong description
  • MCPE-1772: Player jumps too early by glass pane
  • MCPE-2904: Chicken egg bug
  • MCPE-3358: TNT does not work in creative
  • MCPE-3890: Different wood logs make the same wooden planks
  • MCPE-4118: Bad inventory GUI on Retina display
  • MCPE-4231: Automatic egg/ snowball throwing
  • MCPE-4338: Mobs draw distance greater than stone. Creates x-ray vision
  • MCPE-4379: Animals stay in water
  • MCPE-4508: Creative inventory
  • MCPE-4821: Shearing a sheep gives you less wool
  • MCPE-5294: Wooden tools cannot be used as fuel
  • MCPE-5408: No bedrock in creative inventory
  • MCPE-5495: Bow bug
  • MCPE-5572: Shooting a bow, throwing eggs/snowballs, eating needs block proximity
  • MCPE-5588: TNT dissolving
  • MCPE-5592: Bow firing bug / annoyance
  • MCPE-5600: Bow and Arrow issue
  • MCPE-5634: Your own arrow can't hurt you
  • MCPE-5671: Bow problem in Creative Multiplayer
  • MCPE-6201: Can't pass Y=31 in Minecart

From the 0.8.0 development versions