Pocket Edition Alpha 0.7.2

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v0.7.2 alpha

Pocket Edition

Release date

July 4, 2013

Other editions of 0.7.2

v0.7.2 alpha added player lists and player name tags, and fixed some of the bugs and crashes in Alpha 0.7.1.



  • Player name tags for multiplayer
  • Player List
  • Pressing "Edit" on the world selection screen now shows world seeds.



  • Chat is easier to use (Unicode support)
  • Slight GUI change
  • Added more friction when flying in Creative Mode (Android).
  • Added new sound to zombie pigman.
  • Added symbols in Minecraft font to use in chat.
  • Sleeping now takes a shorter time (equivalent to Java Edition).
  • The multiplayer servers now show up at the top of the play menu, rather than the bottom.


24 bugs fixed

  • MCPE-389 – Issue loading a world with a dot after the name
  • MCPE-1691 – Dpad is too small to play
  • MCPE-1711 – Limited entering of text on signs and weird behavior while typing numbers
  • MCPE-1718 – Cannot type a lower-case "i" on a sign
  • MCPE-1723 – Cannot type "ñ" and the accents (á,é,í,ó,ú) in signs
  • MCPE-1776 – Crash when placing sign on floating sand
  • MCPE-2464 – Item names not correct.
  • MCPE-2564 – Can't pick up water when using split touch controls
  • MCPE-2577 – Left hand mode not working
  • MCPE-2588 – On chat screen accents (like "é") appear as strange symbols
  • MCPE-2956 – Armor Disappearing
  • MCPE-3283 – No empty bucket in creative mode when having milk.
  • MCPE-4049 – When creating a world it still does not create and goes to world that I already have
  • MCPE-4062 – Keyboard dont disappears when receiving a hit while chatting
  • MCPE-4129 – Players stuck in chat
  • MCPE-4218 – Typo: "sever"
  • MCPE-4283 – 0.6.0-1 has wool names (e.g., "cyan wool") but now only says "wool"
  • MCPE-4293 – Bed spawn and Armor don't be conserved when joined player disconnecting
  • MCPE-4359 – Major bug: Random crashes
  • MCPE-4470 – Letters are capitalized after a space or being deleted
  • MCPE-4482 – Armor Disappearing in WIFI Play
  • MCPE-4507 – Can't see the message you're typing
  • MCPE-4650 – Nicknames in multiplayer games are not displayed